What Level is Your Design Business?

Reply To: PMS, anyone?


Hi Vita,

I’m so excited about Airtable, thank you for sharing your very well organized layout! I’ve been trying to use Clickup and it just doesn’t make sense to me, but Airtable’s spreadsheet approach seems logical and familiar.

I’m working through setting up my current systems and processes into Airtable, roughly based on what you showed us on Thursday (I loved yours and wish I could just copy and paste it into my Airtable account!) It seems pretty intuitive and easy to use, however, I am stuck on a formula for taking the First name, last name and designer name so it looks like yours.

“Smith, John – Design Firm X”

I’ve used the “Arrayjoin” Function but no matter how I input the formula I can only get one of the names to populate in the first column but not all three. Are you able to share a screen shot of your formula? Maybe I am totally off track about which function to use to make that happen. I also tried following the examples in the formula playground, but I kept getting errors.

Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us, it makes it easier to picture getting things set up so I can bring someone in to help me.

Thank you,

What Level is Your Design Business?