What Level is Your Design Business?

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hi Vessie,
i hear you, sweetheart, i hear the angst, frustration, exhaustion – all of that in your voice.
i soooo want to help b/c sometimes at a bird’s eye view, things are so much clearer.
let me take it step by step.
1. retail vs. to the trade. What FEELS better for you? 3 options: retail, trade, both. Take some time, pray on it, journal, do some soul-searching. Then make a decision and stick with it. Just go with how it feels to you personally. there is no right or wrong answer. just whatever you prefer. it’s your business, you do what you want. you won’t go wrong with either decision. Where you will go wrong is if you continue vacillating. it is when we are unsure of something and keep going back and forth, that it takes the most bandwidth and tires us out.
2. start charging designers pricing that is commensurate with your service. Ask yourself: “At what price will I enjoy working on this project/with this designer?”
3. Instagram. have you asked designers to tag you? just a simple ask. Conversely, do you tag them on your IG?
4. Be ok with not chasing every designer and every project

Base your decisions on what will make it simpler for YOU. One price is simpler than two. One target audience is simpler than two. it is simpler for me to ask for what i want and get a no, than to not ask and always wonder (i.e. in case of IG tagging, charging a higher price, etc).

there is so much more to say, but let’s leave it at this for the time being,
xo, v.

What Level is Your Design Business?