What Level is Your Design Business?

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Trudi: Great question. We are only using the plans to elevate the bathrooms and kitchens for clarification for tile installers, placement of niches for the framers, placement of plumbing for the plumber, etc. We are not structurally changing anything from the plans, so need for concern about liabilities.

Gary: I think your wife will love you! 😉

Katherine: With remodels, in some cases you will have floor plans available from the GC or homeowner. With new builds, you will get the plans from the architect. If it is a remodel without plans, depending on your scope of work you may need to hire a draftsman to measure the space for you. If it’s a job that requires a GC, they may have a draftsman they like to use. Just ask. I
If you need a draftsman, you will need to find one in your area. They will come out, measure the home and then provide you with a cad file (.dwg file) to work from. You can then send that file to whomever you’re working with to create your elevations, furniture placement, etc.
If it’s a small job, one or two rooms, I will usually take measurements at my consultation and then give my sketched layout to one my designers to put in cad.

Samantha: Did this help? Gary had some links for you as well. Also, I added further clarification in a new forum post this morning.

What Level is Your Design Business?