What Level is Your Design Business?

Carrie Leskowitz – “Our Living Space Mirrors our Inner Space”

Episode 98 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today on the show I have Carrie Leskowitz! Carrie brings a unique perspective to her work. She is not only an interior designer but she is also a certified Marth Beck life coach. Carrie combines her background in fashion and psychology with twenty years in the interior design industry. She shows her clients how our living space often mirrors our inner space. Her blog: Carrie’s Design Musings, is in its sixth year and has a very loyal following!

Show Notes:

  • How did Carrie come to interior design?
  • What was her experience at Design Bloggers Conference?
  • Why should you go to the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • What are the requirements to qualify for the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • How often is the Design Bloggers Conference held and where is the conference venue?
  • Do you get paid or is there money involved going to the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • What were her observations at the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • What did Carrie do while at High Point at the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • Why did she start her blog: Carrie’s Design Musings?
  • What are the nuts and bolts of her business?
  • How many employees does she have?
  • How does she connect her life coach experience to her interior design business?
  • When did she understand her value, and decide to start sending an invoice for her coaching?
  • What are some typical triggers that people start to think they are stuck?
  • Are there any tips that she would suggest to her clients to help them feel unstuck?
  • Are there any cautions that she would say to a new designer getting started?
  • Try everything!
  • What is something she does herself when she feels overwhelmed?
  • Can you retrain yourself on how to react to certain things or situations that bug you?

The rest of the show notes are in our resource center: Window Works 

What Level is Your Design Business?