What Level is Your Design Business?

Linda Holt- From Professional Photographer to Interior Designer and Accomplished Blogger

Episode 97 of A Well-Designed Business®

Our guest today on the show is Linda Holt! Linda was recommended to me by a listener of the podcast! Thank you, Marie! She suggested Linda because she admires her work and she loves the interesting bit that she comes from a twenty-year career in photography and she specializes in modeling and celebrity head shots. Linda has worked with more than 3000 celebrities, actors and models as one of Boston’s top headshot photographer. So today she is going to talk to us about why she made the switch from photography to interior design.

Show Notes:

  • What degree did she earn first in college?
  • Why didn’t Linda get a degree in interior design when she went to college?
  • What niche made her so successful in photography?
  • How did she arrive at her systems that she used in her photography business?
  • Why is it important to pay attention to personal details and remember them with clients?
  • How does she use Pinterest and Pinterest Boards for her business?
  • How does she bill for her work and what are the factors that determine the way she bills?
  • Does she talk to her clients up front about money or as she goes?
  • What are the “two hours”?
  • Why did she start her blog Linda Holt Interiors?
  • How often does she blog and how “big” is her blog?
  • How does she write and how does she figure out what to write about?
  • Does she read other blogs or listen to other podcasts?
  • What happened to her when she was at the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • How does she help designers use their iPhones to take better pictures?
  • What did Linda win at the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • What sort of things did she learn from the Design Bloggers Conference?

The rest of the show notes are in our resource center: Window Works.

What Level is Your Design Business?