What Level is Your Design Business?

Adam Japko- Founder & CEO of Esteem Media, Organizer of The Design Bloggers Conference, and How He Creates Value for His Clients

Episode 95 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today I have someone whom I’m sure many of you are familiar with his businesses or platforms. You have probably heard of at least one of them and maybe you know Adam Japko through one of these. He is the founder and CEO of Esteem Media but prior to Esteem Media he was the president of DigitalSherpa. Esteem Media is the home of leading national and local media brands that specialize in luxury home design and fine wine. Through Adam Japko, Esteem Media leads the industry in community and initiatives that help business professionals just like you navigate the shift between traditional and digital media. Adam also has a wine blog called WineZag. I hope you enjoy this interview with Adam Japko as he talks about his business Esteem Media and all about the Design Bloggers Conference!

Show Notes:

  • Where does the commerce happen?
  • How did Adam come up with the model he uses in his businesses?
  • What extra value does Adam put into his work?
  • What is the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • Why did Adam launch the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • What are keynote designers?
  • What three groups are used to design the outcome of the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • Is it just designers who come to the Design Bloggers Conference?
  • What things can you learn by coming to these conferences?
  • How often is the Design Bloggers Conference held?
  • Who will be the speaker at the next Design Bloggers Conference?
  • What makes the Design Bloggers Conference different from other conferences?
  • In what ways does the Design Bloggers Conference make connections that people will never forget,  and how does it  branch out to people?
  • How are these connections made different?
  • Bring your values to your work!
  • Don’t bring a work version of yourself to work!
  • How you get the most out of your life.

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What Level is Your Design Business?