What Level is Your Design Business?

Karen McKenna – Designing a Creative Collaboration with a Retail Furniture Store

Episode 92 of A Well-Designed Business®

On the show today I’m happy to have Karen McKenna: the principal of KMCK Designs in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Karen has been in the interior design industry for over 21 years. In addition to running her own firm, she is the principal interior designer for Classic Interiors, a retail showroom in Idaho Falls also. Karen studied interior design and architecture and earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Idaho. She has extensive experience in both commercial and residential interior design. Karen also acts as a buyer and a merchandise coordinator for Classic Interiors. The way Karen has positioned her firm and aligned it with the retail store Classic Interiors is rather unique. I’m going to let Karen explain it to you. Let’s see what you think!

Show Notes:

  • How did Karen come to work with KMCK Designs and Classic Interiors?
  • Who are Mark Collard and Mike Jensen and what is their relationship to Karen?
  • How does her relationship with the designer’s work?
  • What is her payoff?
  • What is the process for the quotation of products for a project?
  • How does the bidding process work with the team she works with at KMCK Designs?
  • Has she ever come across the relationship like she has with KMCK Designs anywhere else?
  • How does the market experience happen?
  • Why is loyalty to vendors so important?
  • What sort of markets are they involved in?
  • Are they using markets in Europe?
  • What systems does she use to keep everything organized?
  • Make sure to have documentation on what everyone is doing and has been said on every project!
  • How do you maintain a good relationship with vendors?
  • Is this process something that someone new to the business should start with or should this be done by someone who has been in the business for a while?

The rest of the show notes is in our resource center:  Window Works

What Level is Your Design Business?