What Level is Your Design Business?

Marie Flanigan – How Marketing Strategies Helped Her Grow Her Firm

Episode 89 of A Well-Designed Business®

I have Marie Flanigan from Texas with me on the show today! Marie is an award winning designer whose background includes a BA in Architecture and Masters in Business Administration. She has over a decade of work experience in architecture and design industry and you can see how she uses these qualities beautifully in her work. While working with a previous firm she realized her love for architecture and interiors together. She quickly realized how she can achieve more in-depth creativity when the two are intertwined. Her trademark style is evident with the sophisticated texture, color, light and creating environments that people love to live in. Her distinguished designs can be found in luxury homes and commercial spaces throughout the country. Today we are going to talk about Marie’s marketing strategies and how they have worked for her and how they can work for you too!


Show Notes:

  • What is her marketing philosophy?
  • What are the roots of her business, Marie Flanigan Interiors?
  • What are some of the services her business, Marie Flanigan Interiors has to offer?
  • What is her advice to someone starting out?
  • How can designers make it easier to relate their designs?
  • What are some ways that her team uses to relate their designs?
  • How do you keep your brand consistent?
  • How does her team finish up a project?
  • What is the most important part of a project?
  • Pictures are your assets!
  • When did she decide to use videos for marketing?
  • How did Marie find someone who knew how to use videos for marketing?
  • How long does it take to make these videos?
  • What is her advice on how to find a good videographer?
  • How do you pick the music for the videos?
  • Look for more ways to create an experience for the client!
  • Are business retreats a good idea?


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What Level is Your Design Business?