What Level is Your Design Business?

Deborah Rosenberg – Tailoring Your Interior Design Firm to Your Core Beliefs

Episode 82 of A Well-Designed Business®

For the past 8 or 9 months, we have had designer after designer talk about something that they are passionate about and turn it into a guiding force to increase business in their design firm. But I have not met anyone who has a design that is cruelty and vegan free…until now. On the show today is Deborah Rosenberg, a writer, lecturer, and founder of DiMare Design in Miami Florida.  DiMare is an interior design firm that promotes the use of vegan, organic materials. She will never use any materials that involve the harming of animals and she educates her clients, suppliers, and the entire industry about the advantages and benefits of cruelty-free/vegan design. She has incorporated her family values in her design business.


Show notes:


  • Why and how Deborah started focusing on this niche. How did this become a big part of her designs?
  • What does vegan mean?
  • The sweet reason why she is so passionate about using “humane interior design”
  • Leather manufacturers skin dogs to produce dog leather?
  • How long she has been in the design business and her niche
  • What materials she substitutes for animal-based leather
  • What materials she uses to substitute for chemical-drenched materials
  • Deborah is an animal activist with PETA. What she does for the organization
  • What she uses for wellness, healthy design especially for allergy sufferers
  • What are the desirable alternatives to leather, down, wool, and silk
  • Do clients find her now because her design is vegan?
  • It’s all about educating!
  • What fabrics are ok?
  • What is 72-hour turnkey design?
  • What other services does her firm offer?
  • Be as detailed as possible!
  • Where she sources these materials
  • How she charges for expedited service

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What Level is Your Design Business?