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Power Talk Friday: Bethany Wrede Peterson: Unlocking Your Voice as an Interior Designer

Episode 706 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Bethany Wrede Peterson:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today, I’m talking with Bethany Wrede Peterson, an interior designer, host of Arrived podcast, and business coach who specializes in helping designers find their unique voice. 

Bethany and I are talking today about a topic that isn’t new to the podcast—unlocking your unique voice, your niche, the thing that you do that nobody else does that makes you the obvious, only choice. But Bethany manages to frame it in a way that opened my eyes, despite the fact that I have been having these conversations for the last five years. 

Pick it apart:

[3:55] Bethany shares the common trait she has seen in interior designers that holds them back from niching. 

[9:10] Bethany discusses tips for finding your voice even when it’s not easy to filter down and discover it. 

[21:43] Bethany talks about how to overcome the mindset blocks surrounding your voice.

[42:11] LuAnn and Bethany discuss how to conduct a post-mortem following a project and turn every failure into a success.

LuAnn and Bethany Wrede Peterson’s Ah-Ha moments:

“If you think about it from the perspective of what’s not worked versus what has worked…where have you felt burnt out in a client project? That’s a huge indicator that that is not the direction that you want to be taking your niche into.” -Bethany Wrede Peterson


“I think why it’s been troublesome for some of our colleagues to identify their only or their passion, is because they do that first level—review their past clients and see which ones they’re happy with. But happy is not as specific as ‘Which ones could you identify with so well that you could anticipate their needs, that you could identify with so well that you instinctively understood what they would like or want or the way you would service them that would be successful?’ The way you described it was so clear to me.” -LuAnn Nigara

“It’s not enough to simply say, ‘sustainable design,’ because we know there are a thousand other designers that can work to that. It’s about how we demonstrate that we are the right person for that client, not only for the broader niche, but with actually relating to that person’s whole life and story.” -LuAnn Nigara


“If you second guess yourself, your talents, your divine right to be doing this, then you’re depriving the rest of us of that talent that you’ve got. If you don’t show up and do it, then somebody doesn’t get it. And you have to think about that because there’s somebody out there that needs what only you can offer.” -LuAnn Nigara

More About Bethany Wrede Peterson:

Bethany Wrede Peterson is an interior designer turned podcast & brand messaging coach. She helps interior designers and creative entrepreneurs find their Voice to become more profitable, achieve greater meaning, and have more FUN in their work.


Bethany started her self-development podcast, ARRIVED., in 2019 initially to help her then-niche – single men – find their voice at home and in their relationships. After the pandemic hit, Bethany started receiving requests from peers to help them launch their pod, and realized that her own story needed to feature in her coaching. She works with clients one-to-one and is also the creator of ‘Find Your Voice’, an online course to help creatives rediscover their Why, find their Voice, and launch their pod in 8 short weeks.


Bethany has been featured in The Guardian; Wallpaper*; The Course Method; OnlineCourseTalks.com; I AM CEO; Subkit; and Minnesota AM950 radio. Her podcasts, ‘ARRIVED.’, and ‘ARRIVED…Daily.’ have been streamed in 25 countries.

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