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Power Talk Friday: Fiona Mostyn: Leveraging Your Blog to Bolster Your Interior Design Business

Episode 692 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Fiona Mostyn:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Many designers know that a blog can be a valuable marketing tool. But are you using your blog to its fullest potential? Or are you making the mistake that many designers make of not beginning with your goal in mind? 

Today, I’m joined by Fiona Mostyn of My Deco Marketing, a blog service for interior designers. Fiona is sharing her insight into how you can leverage your blog to grow your business and help it thrive.

Pick it apart:

  • [2:30] Fiona shares why beginning your blog with your goal in mind is vital to its success.
  • [10:18] LuAnn and Fiona discuss how to prioritize your purpose within your blog posts. 
  • [22:34] Fiona talks about repurposing your blog content to help grow your social media presence. 
  • [28:40] Fiona gives the latest advice on blogging best practices.
  • [38:09] LuAnn and Fiona discuss the importance of SEO and how big of a process it is.

LuAnn and Fiona Mostyn’s Ah-Ha moments:

“If you want to elevate your business to get the clients that you want, you need to think about who that person is and then start speaking to them in their language, which is what your blog allows you to do. So I really think that niching is the key to a successful business.” -Fiona Mostyn


“Niche down so much that you’re not only the best option for your people, you’re the only option.” -Fiona Mostyn


“I’ve said often on the show, back in the day when we started our company and there was no internet that when you wanted to advertise, you called someone and you paid them and you gave them money and they developed an ad for you and put it in a magazine. And now, we’re expected to be designers and window treatment professionals and podcasters and also marketing people.” -LuAnn Nigara

More About Fiona Mostyn:

Fiona runs My Deco Marketing, a specialist marketing service that helps interior designers and home decor brands with smarter marketing to become more visible online.

Fiona has written hundreds of blogs for designers and home decor brands. Fiona also provides CPD marketing webinars and content for the UK’s leading associations for interior designers including The British Institute of Interior Designers, The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland and The Decorcafe Network for Creative Businesses.

In January 2021 Fiona published 365+ Blog post ideas for interior designers.

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