What Level is Your Design Business?

Melinda Marquardt: The Ideals You Need to Thrive in Your Interior Design Business

Episode 689 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Melinda Marquardt:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today, I’m joined by Melinda Marquardt of the Vale London, a line of exquisite textiles and wallpapers for the luxury interiors market. Melinda struck out on her own after years in the corporate world, determined to lean on her creativity and passion to fuel her business. She buckled down, learned the business side, and figured out how to thrive. Today, she’s sharing what she believes entrepreneurs need to remember to succeed!

Pick it apart:

  • [2:17] Melinda shares her story and discusses why believing in yourself is a staple in running your own business.
  • [16:28] Melinda talks about the difficulties in learning the business side of things and figuring out how to make a profit from what you love. 
  • [25:09] LuAnn and Melinda discuss the importance of finding your values and sticking to them. 
  • [31:44] LuAnn and Melinda talk about imposter syndrome and risk when starting a business. 
  • [42:46] Melinda shares what it means to never stop being inspired.

LuAnn and Melinda Marquardt’s Ah-Ha moments:

“If you keep trying new things and keep trying as hard as you can and working as hard as you can, things will come together. That’s how I feel about trying the business side of things and figuring out the art side of things. You just learn a lot, and everything will come together.” -Melinda


“Somebody else might be thinking about designing for it to be marketable, but what you’re saying is when you have the experience of having traveled the world within the business of textiles, you understand inherently that there’s a market somewhere. It might not be the zip code you’re living in, but in order to design true to yourself and to design something that’s truly beautiful, you have to design what you love.” -LuAnn


“I want to stay true and focused to the vision of my company and my artwork.” -Melinda


“The risk isn’t just the money on the line, the risk is that you can show up and do the hard things, and if you don’t have the stomach for that you’re not going to run a successful business.” -LuAnn

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