What Level is Your Design Business?

Kelly Collier: Managing Expectations Through Clear Messaging

Episode 669 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Kelly Collier:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today, I’m joined by a guest who knows all about balance in her business—Kelly Collier of Plot Twist Design in Philadelphia. Like many designers, Kelly started her business on the side, while working a full-time corporate career. Two years later, her business has grown and thrived to a full-service design business. But she’s also maintaining her full-time job. To top it all off, she is also a realtor and a podcaster.  Balancing it all isn’t easy. It takes deliberation, commitment, planning, and dedication. Today, Kelly’s sharing her tips for balancing it all and building the business, along with maintaining her career responsibilities. 

Pick it apart:

  • [6:40] Kelly shares how she manages to identify her multiple facets in her social media presence.
  • [11:40] Kelly dives into time blocking and how she lays out her day so that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • [18:32] LuAnn and Kelly talk about the importance of transparency and setting out expectations with clients.
  • [30:13] Kelly shares some insight into her personal life and how that factors into her responsibilities. 
  • [38:50] Kelly discusses racism in both the corporate world and the design industry and how she has dealt with it.

LuAnn and Kelly Collier’s Ah-Ha moments:

“I have to keep in mind what a healthy balance is for me…by me leading more with interior design, then I always have more interior design clients than real estate clients.” -Kelly Collier


“The nugget in this is the clarity in your priorities. You’re not just throwing the spaghetti against the wall with Instagram. You’re actually deciding that given the time and the ROI on design, real estate, and corporate, that the mix is that corporate obviously gets done first, then design, then real estate, but there’s a clear understanding of why they’re in that order and therefore, the strategy reflects that.” -LuAnn Nigara


“I hear people say that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, which is very true, but how you use those hours matters, especially when you’re doing a lot of things.” -Kelly Collier

More About Kelly Collier:

Kelly Collier is the Owner and Principal of Plot Twist Design in Philadelphia PA. She is also a licensed Realtor, offering interior design and real estate services under the brokerage of Keller Williams. Plot Twist Design was officially established in February 2019, and Kelly has been a Realtor for 12yrs. She also has a full time corporate career as a Senior Account Manager. 


Kelly is also a Blogger, Podcaster (Plot Twist Design Business Podcast) and recently started using her platform as an Influencer collaborating with other businesses. To date, Kelly has been featured in numerous publications by Architectural Digest AD PRO, Business of Home, Curated Quarters Mag, and others. She also served as an Influencer at market sharing trends and finds on the High Point Market Instagram page for fall 2020. 


In recent design news, Kelly completed her second One Room Challenge home project; a powder room renovation and a 2nd powder room refresh partially sponsored by The Tile Shop. 


Kelly’s brand is being built to offer multiple services. Her platform on social media is used to share her journey in the business and real-life via lifestyle posts, blog shares, and inspirational posts. 

Connect with Kelly Collier:

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What Level is Your Design Business?