What Level is Your Design Business?

Sandra Funk: Level Up Your Business Through Mentorship, Coaching, and Classes. Sponsored Show: “Interior Design Standard”

Episode 660 of A Well-Designed Business®

 Today’s Show Sponsored by the “Interior Design Standard.” 

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. On today’s sponsored show, Sandra Funk is here to share all the details of her upcoming course, the “Interior Design Standard”.

I’m so excited to share Sandra Funk’s business program, the “Interior Design Standard”, with you because I know it will be the best investment for your business.

Enroll here: https://interiordesignstandard.com/luann

Here’s what you need to know:

The Interior Design Standard is composed of modules that outline Sandra’s entire business. Within each module are resources that you can start using right away. She walks you through how to implement all of these templates via videos along the way.

Program highlights include:

Design fee calculator – confidently calculate flat design fees in moments

Design agreement, that both clients and designers love

The exact process that each interior design project follows, from the first potential client contact to pitching the photos to press


Important dates for your calendar:

April 21st – Registration opens! 

April 28th – Enrollment closes at midnight

May 3rd – Program begins


Designers who have implemented the Standard in their businesses:

“A rising tide will raise all ships – and man, is Sandra bringing in the tide! The Interior Design Standard is incredible. I feel so lucky to have stumbled into Sandra’s circle of light. To say it is ‘exactly what I needed’ is the understatement of the year!”

– Jenn O’Brien, Jenn O’Brien Interiors 


“The Standard is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Sandra “speaks my language” – she’s relatable, quick and to the point, yet thorough enough for me to understand. I’ve been in other programs. This is the best one.” 

– Taylor Johnson, Taylor Johnson Interiors 


It’s your turn, enroll here: https://interiordesignstandard.com/luann


Share this with someone who deserves joy and efficiency in their business just as much as you do. It’s time for our entire industry to rise together.

What Level is Your Design Business?