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Power Talk Friday: Theresa Gresham: Asking for Help in Parenthood and Your Interior Design Business

Episode 655 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Theresa Gresham

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Single mom to a toddler and suddenly laid off when Covid started, Theresa Gresham moved into a 200ft studio to save on rent. Theresa shares her journey of building a Virtual Design Assistant business from scratch and learning the importance of self-care and hiring help.

Pick it apart:

  • [14:30] Theresa shares her story about starting her business after getting laid off due to Covid.

  • [19:32] Theresa tells LuAnn how a parenting coach helped her flip her mindset about self-care.

  • [23:20] Theresa shares how things changed when she limited her office hours

  • [27:41] Theresa shares about motherhood during Covid and the importance of asking for help

  • [35:43] Theresa tells Luann about how she started her e-design business

  • [41:30] Theresa gives an overview of the services she offers interior designers

LuAnn and Theresa Gresham’s Ah-Ha moments:


“Everything wonderful in life is scary at first.” — Theresa Gresham


“You just keep going – and that little face smiling back at you is all the why you need.” — Theresa Gresham

More About Theresa Gresham:

Meet Theresa Gresham, a toddler mommy, a business owner, a virtual design assistant, and an educator, in that order. A truly well-rounded design professional, Theresa has worn many hats in the interior design industry. Her favorite aspect of the design world, however, is creating stunning presentation content, such as 3D renderings, and teaching her skills to other interior designers. Born and raised in sunny South Florida, her passion for interior design began at a young age when her mother gave her free rein to design her room. She loved using her creativity to up-cycle furniture and paint murals on her walls. Creativity runs deep through Theresa’s soul and she is living the dream by letting her creative juices flow in her career. Prior to opening her own virtual design business in 2020, Theresa attended California State University, Northridge, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 2009. She then went on to work for various firms that specialized in everything from luxury yachts and aircraft to high-end homes and restaurants. Theresa’s formal interior design training and varied experience in the field allows her to work seamlessly on a virtual level with interior designers across the country. Theresa’s passion is helping interior designers de-stress and enhance their business with stunning presentation content. She not only creates design visuals, such as CAD drawings, 3D renderings, and concept boards, for her interior design clients across the US, but she also offers 1:1 virtual training to interior designers who want to bring their own presentation skills to the next level. In Addition, Theresa teaches Digital Design to interior design students at Istituto Marangoni in the Miami Design District. When Theresa is not behind the computer immersed in a 3D rendering or in the classroom, you will likely find her dancing in the living room with her beautiful daughter, Leilani, or sipping on an iced latte while soaking up some warm South Florida sun.

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7 Perks of Hiring a VDA with Formal Interior Design Training: https://theresagdesign.com/gift/

Virtual Design Mentor: https://www.virtualdesignmentor.com/online-learning

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