What Level is Your Design Business?

Marie Flanigan: Leveraging Relationships and Making Decisions in Interior Design

Episode 648 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Marie Flanigan:

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today, I’m thrilled to have Marie Flanigan back on the show. Marie has more than a decade of experience as a thriving designer, one whose list of accolades goes on for days. In today’s episode, Marie is answering questions from listeners about how to make big decisions in your business— how to attract the clients and projects you truly desire, how to strategically market, how to handle client expectations, and more!

Pick it apart:

  • [2:25] Marie talks about how to leverage relationships and grow to the point of attracting the clients you really want.
  • [11:10] Marie shares the data you need to be collecting that will help you fill your roster with dream clients.
  • [19:07] LuAnn and Marie discuss the importance of making decisions based on your mission and vision for the business.
  • [31:53] Marie dives into the touchpoints she uses to ensure an excellent client experience. 
  • [45:45] Marie and LuAnn talk about making decisions with clients’ money and how communication is key.
  • [1:10:30] Marie shares her thoughts on diversity in the industry.

LuAnn and Marie Flanigan’s Ah-Ha moments:

 “I think it’s so important to just live out doing the best you can— be the best at whatever you’re doing in the moment. That’s what builds the relationships, that’s what provides the contacts, that’s what gives you the 10,000 hours to become the expert and really grow into the area you want to be in.” -Marie Flanigan

“You do want to turn away the business that sucks the energy out of you or that takes too much of your time away, because when the right projects come along you need to be open for that.” -Marie Flanigan

“Gut instinct is very important, but you should also go on data.” -Marie Flanigan

“It isn’t just about putting an ad in a newspaper— it’s all the little things that you do across your business.” -LuAnn Nigara

More About Marie Flanigan:

Originally trained as an architect, Marie Flanigan seamlessly unites structure with style, unlocking a unique level of depth through her mutual consideration of an interior and its framework. For more than a decade, Marie has crafted well-articulated spaces that expertly reflect the stories of those who dwell and work within. Her trademark signature of innovative simplicity is evident through the sophisticated use of color, texture, and light. Marie’s projects span the country, from luxury residences to high-end commercial showrooms, each one exhibiting her firm’s commitment to exceptional design and extraordinary service.

Marie’s work and expertise have been featured by premier publications including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Vogue, House Beautiful, Southern Living, Domino, Traditional Home, Elegant Homes, Southern Home, and Luxe Magazine. She regularly shares her design and lifestyle advice with TV audiences, including her role on HGTV’s internationally broadcast series, Property Brothers: Brother vs. Brother.

In addition to Marie’s design work, she has now launched collections with some of the industry’s top manufacturers including Visual Comfort and Aria Stone. Her debut book, The Beauty of Home, is now available for purchase.

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