What Level is Your Design Business?

Carley Page Summers: Lift Others As You Climb to Success.

Episode 637 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Carley Page Summers: 

Carley Page Summers shares her journey to interior design that began only after she first built a robust photography business catering to the design trade. 184k Instagram followers strong, Carley chronicles how just nine years ago, she pulled herself out of a dark place, found hope, and is now on a mission to inspire hope in others.

Pick it apart:

[2:49] Carley shares her journey from photographer to designer

[7:34] Carley shares her philosophy about the attraction to natural settings

[11:50] Carley shares how she started her virtual design business

[18:53] Carley shares her Instagram strategy 

[42:56] Charley shares her mission statement

LuAnn and Carley Page Summers’ Ah-Ha moments:

“Lift as you climb.” – Carley Page Summers

“The world would say I’m a failure…but it goes to show that you can set your mind to something and hope and grow.” – Carley Page Summers

“It is useless to look back on your path and feel shame. Instead, see the accomplishment and joy you have created.” – LuAnn Nigara

More About Carley Page Summers:

Photography has been a passion of mine since a young age and is not just my career path but is also part of my soul. During an especially difficult time in my life, while living & volunteering in Haiti, I was inspired by the culture and all the people around me and was able to use photography as a way to help narrate their stories. After returning home, I studied art and graduated with a fine arts degree with a focus in photography and painting. Interiors and design became an interest turned passion and naturally there was a union of the two things that inspired me, photography and interiors.

With interior photography, I am able to help clients and brands narrate their stories. Clients have the benefit of being able to choose full-service options with my packages because they include creative, styling and photography all in one.

Additionally with interiors, I love helping create a truly sacred space for clients and their loved ones to enjoy. I love a mixture of curated textiles, clean whites, and of course plants to make a space feel peaceful yet full of life. With my interior styling services, I hope to not only style a space but also to document it for others to see so they can also be inspired.


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What Level is Your Design Business?