What Level is Your Design Business?

Joyce Downing Pickens: Building an Interior Design Business with Hard Work, Press & Pricing without Fear

Episode 633 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Joyce Downing Pickens: 

LA interior designer, Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors used to intern for Nathan Turner and now she’s running her own design business. Joyce shares how she got amazing press as a #babydesigner, what helped her not fear an empty pipeline, and what she’s rethinking as she graduates to her sixth year in business.


Pick it apart:

[21:31] Joyce shares about the press needing content

[22:03] Joyce shares advice from Nathan Turner about submitting projects to press

[36:50] Joyce shares about how her rates have changed since she started her business

[45:57] Joyce shares about her mindset surrounding her pipeline and plans for a shift in the next year

[49:20] Joyce shares her ideas about the scalability of interior design and her interest in product design


LuAnn and Joyce Downing Pickens’s Ah-Ha moments:

“The best learning experience is working for yourself. You have to juggle so many hats and you learn quicker than learning underneath someone.” – Joyce Downing Pickens



More About Joyce Downing Pickens:

Joyce is a Los Angeles based interior designer and owner of JDP Interiors. After traveling throughout her childhood, Joyce’s love of design was born. She strives to create beautiful, comfortable and textural spaces, while providing her clients with superior customer service and project management. She continually collects and curates to achieve the perfect blend between vintage and modern and consistently enjoys watching her visions come to life – there’s nothing better than a good “before and after”!


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What Level is Your Design Business?