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Power Talk Friday: Ginna Christensen: The Importance of Values in Your Interior Design Business

Episode 628 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Ginna Christensen

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business! On today’s episode, I talk with business coach Ginna Christensen. Ginna specializes in helping designers and creatives identify their differentiating points in the marketplace. But that work starts with discovering their values. Today, Ginna shares with me why discovering and staying true to your values is integral to your business, and what you can do to identify those values and incorporate them into what you do. 


Pick it apart

  • [16:00] Ginna shares the process she uses to help clients uncover their values
  • [21:39] Ginna discusses why holding onto values that aren’t our own holds us back, and why “should” is a word to avoid
  • [31:58] LuAnn and Ginna discuss how identifying your values becomes your roadmap for what you want to experience in your business
  • [40:09] Ginna and LuAnn talk about why turning people off of your business isn’t always a bad thing
  • [42:58] Ginna shares how your values help your business stand out (even if you hate the idea of self-promotion)
  • [47:58] Ginna discusses how fears hold us back from making decisions
  • [56:48] LuAnn shares a personal story highlighting the importance of opening up and sharing our struggles


LuAnn and Ginna Christensen’s “Ah-Ha” Moments

“You don’t have to be like someone else in order to be successful. You can be who you are. And not only can you be who you are, but it’s vital to your success.” -Ginna


“The reason we go into what their values are is because your values help you make the right decisions.” -Ginna


“When it’s a hard decision in your business, it’s ‘Well, does this align with what I said my mission and my values were?’ And if it doesn’t, then no matter how shiny, how pretty, how attractive, how lucrative it might be, if it doesn’t fit, it’s just a no.” -LuAnn


“The best salesperson in the world is uncovering the win for the other person. That’s the sale. It’s figuring out what the other person really needs and wants and providing it for them.” -LuAnn


“When our values are being honored, things are going well for us. When things are not going well, that’s an indicator that our values are not being honored.” -Ginna

More About Ginna Christensen

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Ginna Christensen, the daughter of two entrepreneurs, grew up knowing that innovation and the arts would play a central role in her professional and personal life. 

Ginna started her career in the fashion industry, working in merchandising and marketing for Giorgio Armani, Ellen Tracy, and Emanuel Ungaro. Her attention moved to art and interiors in early 2000 when she joined the team at T.I. Industries, a company that manufactured wood moulding for the picture frame and furniture industries. Starting as the company’s North East Regional Business Development Manager, Ginna quickly grew into a more creative role designing product, as well as the company’s trade show displays. 

Ginna’s career shifted once again when she moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and got her start in the rug business with Aga John. As the VP of Sales and Product Development, she helped reinvigorate the high-end rug company, forging deals with companies like Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home. 

In September of 2013, Christensen joined the Los Angeles-based team at Woven as Creative Director. In her three-plus years with the company, she implemented programming, produced events, and created business development strategies which resulted in increased sales revenues, regional and national press coverage, and the launch of Woven at Design Within Reach. 

Recognized for her cool and creative solutions to the challenges that modern businesses face, as well as for her willingness to give back to the design community, Christensen was asked to join the West Hollywood Design District Board in 2016 and was quickly appointed chair. In her 

two plus years as chairwoman, she helped rebuild the board, lead the board through a complete rebrand, and restructured programming to insure that all members benefitted. 

As a result of her work with the Design District and the experience she gained in working with a variety of brands and businesses, Christensen launched her own business in 2017. GC Collaborative launched as a boutique consulting firm and has transitioned into business coaching specializing in helping creatives identify their differentiating points in the marketplace, build a foundation for their brand, and create a roadmap to transform them into STANDOUTS in their field. 

While Ginna now calls NYC home, the creative works with clients all over the country.

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