What Level is Your Design Business?

Julia Miller: The Evolution of an Interior Design Business

Episode 627 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Julia Miller: 

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Switching careers into design and building your business from the ground up takes a great deal of planning and consideration. As your business grows and evolves, you face even more questions. On today’s episode, I chat with Julia Miller of j. millers interiors, as she shares how she tackled those questions and made the decisions that let her business evolve and thrive.

Pick it apart:

  • [12:30] Julia discusses her exit plan that laid the groundwork for her to leave her previous career and launch her design firm.
  • [20:44] LuAnn and Julia discuss the tricky question of determining your rates when you don’t have any experience.
  • [27:08] Julia shares insights onto how she manages to stay booked out almost six months in advance and communicate that timeframe to her clients. 
  • [43:51] Julia dives into how she uses Pinterest boards to keep her clients busy while they wait for their projects to start.
  • [50:39] LuAnn and Julia dig into Julia’s method for using finances to determine her project workload. 

LuAnn and Julia Miller’s Ah-Ha moments:

“I never let myself believe that I could ever make a career change until I had the personal experience and the validation from people that I didn’t know on Instagram.” -Julia

“So often, any business that we do, or any career, whether it’s interior design or whatever it is, we can fall into the trap of not placing enough value on what we’re going to charge because we’re new at it.” -LuAnn

“It was definitely a process of trying to figure out how many projects I needed at what rate and how many hours to make my ends meet financially. Part of that is knowing your worth and being able to charge for that, but also knowing how many hours it realistically takes you to do a project.” -Julia

“I think there’s a lot of scarcity mindset in this business, and I think for people who don’t have a business mindset, there’s a lot of fear.” -Julia

“When you say to me ‘I’ve never had somebody say I won’t pay you ahead of time,’ the only reason is because they haven’t been left with any questions. There’s absolutely no uncertainty in their minds what happens if they give you this money now. You’ve answered all the questions, and that comes from having that enunciated process, and having the confidence to express that process.” -LuAnn

More About Julia Miller:

j. miller interiors is a Minneapolis based residential interior design studio committed to creating carefully curated spaces with the highest level of craftsmanship. j. miller interiors focuses on developing homes that are reflections of the clients who live in them through expertly selected fixtures, finishes and furnishings. Through our collaborative, transparent process, we work with clients to create a home they love. j miller interiors serves clients locally in the Twin Cities and across the country through our signature distance design service. 

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What Level is Your Design Business?