What Level is Your Design Business?

Melissa Leclair: Figuring It Out As You Grow Your Modern Interior Design Business

Episode 620 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Melissa Leclair: 

In five years, self-taught interior designer Melissa Leclair and husband Sacha have created Leclair Decor, an Ottawa-based full-service design firm with a 10,000sf showroom and an expansive e-commerce store. Melissa shares how they built their business and their team of 45 in a heavily digital environment and how important going with your gut and having a commitment to communication and constant improvement really is in the design industry.

Pick it apart:

[11:40] Melissa reviews her design team makeup

[19:27] Melissa shares how her business started as a side hustle

[32:09] Melissa and LuAnn review the business roles of Melissa and husband, Sacha

[38:00] Melissa reveals her design project onboarding process

[49:49] Melissa talks about how her team does virtual presentations

LuAnn and  Melissa Leclair’s Ah-Ha moments:

“Every time you think you have lots of space, it quickly gets eaten up—always plan for more.” – Melissa Leclair

“You can never be too heavy on communication.” – Melissa Leclair 

“If you want to have market share, you’ve got to get out there and get it.” – Melissa Leclair 


“The Pretty”

More About Melissa Leclair:

Leclair Decor is an Ottawa-based full service residential design firm founded and co-owned by husband and wife team Sacha and Melissa Leclair. The business (just a side hustle at first) began in 2011, after we bought and revamped our first home and started receiving inquiries from friends and family about decorating services for their spaces. 

Since then, the company has evolved into a full-fledged residential design firm, with a principal focus on high end remodels and new builds. Though we are based in Ottawa, Canada our talented design team now serves clients across North America, using industry-leading software and embracing all modern means of digital communication to work seamlessly with homeowners throughout Canada and the US. 

LD Shoppe is the retail store of Leclair Decor, a husband and wife owned residential design firm based out of Ottawa, Canada. Our decorating & design business has been rapidly growing over the past few years and to better serve our clients we decided to open a store to showcase our favourite products from our favourite manufacturers. In September 2017 we opened our first brick and mortar showroom to compliment our online offerings. In December 2018 we opened a new 4200 sq ft location at the Ottawa Trainyards. 2019 saw us expand our showroom to just under 10000 sq ft. 

Why shop with us? Think of us as your local mom and pop shop, of the internet. We’re a small family owned business and we strive to provide personalized customer service. We’re passionate about well designed, stylish and practical long lasting furniture, rugs, art, lighting, and decor. We use the products we showcase on this site ourselves and recommend them to clients. We’re confident you’ll love them too! 

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What Level is Your Design Business?