What Level is Your Design Business?

Jenna Gaidusek: How to Build an Online Business in Interior Design

Episode 618 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Jenna Gaidusek: 

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. Today, I’m diving into the world of e-design with Jenna Gaidusek. She built her online firm to generate passive income and take control of her time back. But as we all know, passive income takes planning and work. Jenna’s giving us an inside look at her system and tips for how all designers can make it work for them!

Pick it apart:

  • [7:13] Jenna talks about the approach it takes to attract clients online
  • [12:52] Jenna shares a detailed breakdown of the process she recommends for designers that want to create online income
  • [15:20] LuAnn and Jenna talk about writer’s block and a simple hack to help overcome it when writing your blog posts
  • [23:38] Jenna discusses how to get traction to your blog using online style quizzes
  • [33:17] Jenna dives into the benefits of “The E-Design Tribe,” her online community for those interested in the e-design world

LuAnn and Jenna Gaidusek’s Ah-Ha moments:

“You wanted to manage and control the time you spend, so you actively worked to put processes and systems in place to execute online design.” -LuAnn

“What we do needs to be conveyed visually for people who might not have the vision like we do in our head to be able to actually see it.” -Jenna

“I know this is a lot of work, but it’s work that gets done to a certain extent once, then re-tweaked and revised.” -LuAnn

More About Jenna Gaidusek:

Jenna Gaidusek eDesign Tribe Inc founder, eDesign U, Jenna Gaidusek Designs

Jenna founded the eDesign Tribe Facebook group in July 2018 with the goal to provide her unique virtual design experience and skills to a community of like-minded industry professionals.

Her goal was to create an encouraging space for virtual design to thrive and prosper. Though she has a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, she believes eDesign isn’t limited to those with a list of credentials after your name but instead, how different industry members adapt their unique business to the online world.

Now with 5+ years of eDesign exclusive offerings ranging from 1:1 clients to online courses and passive income, Jenna thinks outside the box for the industry’s future and shares ALL her knowledge with the eDesign Tribe community and her students through eDesign U.

She is striving to change the stigma of remote design to show designers that eDesign (AKA electronic Design) can mean a variety of things and can be adapted to any interior design industry business model as a way to streamline processes, make extra income or produce exceptional visual presentations for clients near and far.

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What Level is Your Design Business?