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Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole: Onboarding New Interior Design Clients

Episode 616 of A Well-Designed Business®

Today with Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole: 

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Today, I’m joined by two amazing ladies, Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole. When I hear Joann and Kelly talk, and I listen to the way they describe their business, the phrase “a well-oiled machine” comes to mind. But it hardly seems big enough to describe how fine-tuned every step of their process is. Today, they’re sharing some of the secrets behind their success, focusing on the onboarding process and how they carry new clients from initial interest to writing that check! 

Pick it apart:

  • [10:20] Joann and Kelly reveal their “secret weapon” for intake conversations, and share why having trusted staff members makes all the difference
  • [19:05] Kelly explains how their qualifying process allows them to approach their consultation with confidence
  • [23:40] Joann and Kelly share why their system for measuring at the consultation
  • [35:48] Joann, Kelly, and LuAnn discuss the “Client Binder” and how it allows for a smooth transition into the next steps of the process
  • [43:48] LuAnn, Joann, and Kelly discuss why it’s important to get the proposal done within three days

Ah-Ha moments from LuAnn, Joann, and Kelly:

“We’ve done enough qualifying on the front end that we do not walk in treating [the consultation] as a meet and greet. We walk in with the approach that we are now working together. You are going to hire us to move forward.” -Kelly

“The proposal is a lot about repeating everything the client said back to them.” -Kelly

“Anytime I see a designer lamenting that a client has pushed them back on their value, I just say, “You didn’t express it.” Because what you do is so difficult and so highly-detailed that if you can make it clear to a consumer what that is, how could they debate the value of it?” -LuAnn

“This is the theme that keeps emerging. You’re listening to your clients and making sure they are understood by you, and then you’re consistently creating conversations, opportunities, and presentations all through your process that keeps reinforcing, “This is what we heard you say.” -LuAnn

More About Kandrac and Kole:

Voted one of Atlanta’s Top 20 Residential Interior Designs by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Kandrac & Kole has been featured on HGTV as well as in The New York Times, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Home Magazine and many others as well as participants of the One Room Challenge Spring 2020. Kandrac & Kole has established a well known reputation for their approachable, dynamic personalities, their signature use of color and pattern and their one of a kind, custom designs. As industry experts for residential and commercial design, Joann Kandrac & Kelly Kole share upbeat and entertaining narratives regarding their design projects, travels and personal stories on their popular blog, their podcast Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole and via national speaking engagements. Joann and Kelly’s love and commitment to the power of interior design also extends towards their charity work throughout the U.S. and Guatemala.

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