What Level is Your Design Business?

Our 6th-month Anniversary Celebration

Episode 61 of A Well-Designed Business®


Hi!  Welcome to another episode of A Well-Designed Business! Today is the actual 6- month anniversary of the podcast and I thought I would do a solo show and reflect on The Things I Learned From A Well-Designed Business. And then I am going to share with you, my Top 10 favorite podcasts.

Now these are by no means the only things learned in these last 6 months and they are not even necessarily the absolute most important. And as a matter of fact, I have specifically not included the coaches and consultants on this list. Every one of the consultants I have had on has shared extremely valuable advice, but it is straightforward and easy to grasp listening to their interviews. Today I am concentrating on regular designers like you who have discovered something, implemented something and are by doing it have made improvements to their businesses. So are you ready?

  1. Sandra Funk Levy- The Importance of Systems for a Profitable Interior Design Business ; Episode # 2.  Sandra is all about the systems, systems, systems. You need to get your systems locked down from hello through goodbye when the project is complete. That’s just what Sandra Funk Levy has done at House of Funk. She has implemented very specific daily, weekly, monthly and yearly systems and goals.  She urges us to create processes because she knows 1st hand when you use them consistently you will improve your businesses bottom line. Link:    http://windowworks-nj.com/sandra/
  2. Rachel Moriarty – Message to Solopreneurs- Act As If the World is Watching; Episode #55. Rachel acts as if 1000 eyeballs are on our on you because one day they will be. Rachel implores soloprenuers to do 2 things- handle your image and everything connected to it in the most professional way as if you were a big firm that everyone is watching but also and as important to run your firm as if you were a big guy. Respect your own work hours, implement systems that even if only you are using them will serve you one day when you have employees.Link: http://windowworks-nj.com/rachel/  
  3.   Stephen Cooper episode # 31 Develop strong personal relationships with your vendors (The Value of a Trusted Vendor )  When you invite ethical vendors into the design process with your clients you have more productive meetings. The expert can in the moment make suggestions, which enhance your vision for the project. And a reliable vendor in the meeting can prevent you from spending hours designing concepts that cannot be executed.  Link: http://windowworks-nj.com/steven/  
  4.  Susan Brunstrum -Practical Advice for Project Management, episode #36. Susan ends every client project with a three- step process. She sits down with her financial manager and they evaluate the project and runs a profit analysis- looking for errors and ways to be more profitable next time. She has a meeting with our entire staff evaluating the efficiency of the process for that particular project and they discuss what went right what went wrong how can they improve the next time. Lastly, she invites every single client out for lunch or dinner at the completion of the project to get their feedback and to say thank you to them for their business. Link: http://windowworks-nj.com/susanb/ 
  5.  Farrha Hyman Success Story- How I Re-Designed my 15 Year Old Firm, Episode #43. Even a 15-year-old firm can turn around with the help of the right business coach and the biggest Takeaway from Sarah that you have to follow the advice of that business coach even when it pushes you out of your box. Link:  http://windowworks-nj.com/farrha/
  1. Erica Ward Identifying Your Transferrable Skills (Getting real and evaluating yourself and what you bring to the table) episode # 6. Identify what are your transferable skills and hire opposite those skills. Barbara Viteri talked about the same type of thing and they both encourage you making a lists of:
  • the things you’re good at
  • the things you know how to do
  • the things you like to do
  • the thing you’re not good at
  • the things you don’t know how to do
  • the things you don’t like to do  

then with the list that’s opposite of yours, you arrive at the qualifications that you’re looking for in your first hire.  Link:  http://windowworks-nj.com/06-identifying-your-transferrable-skills-with-erika-ward/

7. Nancy  Ganzekufer- Niche is Riche, Broad is Broke. Episode 15.  Countless examples, Cheryl Janis specializing in boutique healthcare spaces, Terri Lind Davis with her art and boomer focused design, Heather McManus with her video series and her book, I could go on…all of these designers and many more have created a niche so that they can stand apart from any other designer a prospective client might be contemplating. Andrew Joseph from Andrew Joseph PR said to us- discover what is your “you”, what is your essence, what makes you different from the others.   Link:  http://windowworks-nj.com/nancy/ 

  1. James Swan Meet the Man Behind The Million Dollar Decorating Podcast; Episode # 49 research and investigate first if the dream the desire you have for your firm is actually aligning with the way you want to live your life. Link:  http://windowworks-nj.com/james/
  1. Merrill Santopietro How to Re-Invent, Revitalize Your Firm, Even After 20 Years- Episode # 40 yes obviously be a go getter employ old-school techniques for drumming up business but most importantly show prospective clients the problem they have and why you are the answer the solution to the problem. Link: http://windowworks-nj.com/meryl/
  1. Mary Fisher . Author, Artist, Advocate, Social Entrepreneur episode #34 Mary taught us lots of things but I think the most poignant was that she said to make sure you take time every week to be in your own head to let your creativity flow from Mary it’s her art and expressing and creating new canvases new sculptures for me it’s exercise I wish I could run and write at the same time because the ideas come flowing on the single run or walk I go on. Link: http://windowworks-nj.com/mary/

Top 10 podcasts I Listen to:

  1. The Chaise Lounge
  2. Biz Chix with Natalie Eckdahl
  3. Problogger Podcast Darren Rowse
  4. Happier With Gretchen Rubin
  5. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
  6. The Strong Women’s Club with Edie Berg
  7. Kate’s Take with Kate Erickson
  8. Fresh Air with Terri Gross
  9. The Leonard Lopate Show
  10. Stuff you missed in History Class

Thank you so much, I hope you enjoyed this different episode. Please remember to connect with me on Facebook at www/facebook.com/windowworksnj, find all about Window Works at http://www.windowworks-nj.com and don’t forget about your 10% discount on your 1st  curatedkravet.com purchase. At checkout enter CKPODCAST

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What Level is Your Design Business?