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Power Talk Friday: Mary Pat Wallace:Designers, The Time Is Now to Grow Your Business

Episode 597 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business, it’s Power Talk Friday! Today’s guest is Mary Pat Wallace, the founder of Chicago Luxury Beds, and today’s focus is the luxury client! Mary Pat shares important perspectives about the surprising  opportunities you have today in the midst of the pandemic, and not just how we can deal with it and accommodate it, but how we can truly serve our clients in a bigger and better way.

She also shares her insights on how she’s managed to maintain an excellent client experience and continue to be a strong leader for her team, even in a retail setting, throughout the challenges of Covid-19. Listen in for an inspiring conversation!

Mary is a 30-year veteran of the design industry. Committed to sourcing the highest-quality, bespoke mattresses and sleep products from across the globe, Mary Pat and her team of experts have spent the last 15 years helping clients transform their lives through sleep. Once she spent her first night in a Hästens bed, Mary Pat knew that mattresses should be viewed as a necessity in one’s life. Extensive experience in the design industry allowed Mary Pat to develop a perspective on value per use — we sleep a third of our lives, the mattress is the most important piece of furniture in the home. Restorative sleep is the foundation for optimum health. Having witnessed firsthand that the right mattress is critical to a deeply restful night of sleep she brought that experience and her unique expertise to the luxury market in Chicago, opening the first Hästens retail store in North America in 2005. Mary Pat eventually rebranded the business to Chicago Luxury Beds in order to expand her curated offerings. With the success and longevity of Chicago Luxury Beds, she opened a showroom in Dallas (Dallas Luxury Beds) furthering her team’s reach in helping clients get their best night of sleep. It is Mary Pat’s life passion to help clients create environments that are deeply restful and support transformational sleep.

Show Highlights:

  • As Mary Pat declares, “The time is NOW.”
  • Due to the coronavirus, people are spending more time at home, and that is not likely to change.
  • The luxury clients are working more from home, and they’re all considering how they can reconfigure their spaces to work more productively.
  • Money from luxury clients is being reallocated and being refocused back at home.
  • Mary Pat’s tips on how to revive your client list, even if it’s 15-20 years old.
  • Mary Pat offers strategies for conducting your business virtually, while maintaining or increasing productivity.
  • Being successful with the luxury client involves real expertise. Mary Pat expounds on this philosophy and what the luxury client wants from us.
  • Listening to and understanding your client’s priorities within a budget is critical.
  • Once a client and designer understand each other, the relationship is priceless.
  • The collaborative buddy-system builds confidence with the client and reduces anxiety.
  • Mary Pat explains how to do business with Chicago Luxury Beds.

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