What Level is Your Design Business?

Tawna Allred: At 10 Years in Business, Hard Choices Brought the Best Results

Episode 590 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! What do you do when you realize that the business you have nurtured over the years is no longer bringing you joy? Tawna Allred joins LuAnn in this conversation that is not so much about how Tawna built her design business, but how, after 10 years in business, she took a pause, looked inside, and shifted gears to bring back the spark and create the life that she really wanted. Listen in to this inspiring conversation for lessons on learning to trust your gut instinct and following through with simple changes.

Tawna Allred opened her interior design business (a single person LLC) in 2009, and she is still a one-woman business today. Tawna labels herself as a multi-passionate creative. Her interior design focus is design-build (new construction and remodeling), and she offers full-service design from plan conceptualization to installing furniture and styling. Tawna’s husband is a contractor and although they have separate businesses, he’s a huge mentor and supporter of her work. She started her business right after finishing school because there weren’t any designers in her town and she had three young children. Tawna has been learning in the school of hard knocks ever since!

Show Highlights:

  • Tawna relates the overwhelming feelings she experienced before making a decision to go in a different direction.
  • Tawna was burned out on the “people part” of the business but discovered that she had great interest in design challenges.
  • “What do I want to do now?”
  • Art was pivotal in reigniting Tawna’s spark and her next move.
  • LuAnn addresses our inner voice and why it’s so important to pay attention to it.
  • How Tawna reverse-engineered a second business by streamlining the processes that worked and getting rid of things that didn’t.
  • Learning to say ‘no’ to potential clients was not an easy task.
  • Tawna’s lightbulb moment: What if she took design-build jobs if the client also hired her contractor husband?
  • Zeroing in on eliminating the parts of her design business that she did not absolutely love allowed Tawna to create a whole new life for herself that she loves.
  • “Chase the meaning, not the money”: The lesson Tawna learned from Chase Jarvis’s book, Creative Calling.


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What Level is Your Design Business?