What Level is Your Design Business?

Lisa Gilmore: Finance Fridays! From 850k to 2.25 Million in One Year!

Episode 575 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! LuAnn’s guest today is someone who made quite an impression on the audience during a LuAnn Live event by sharing her “eat, pray, love” story. Lisa Gilmore told the audience how she was in such a hard space, mismanaging money, and doing all the things incredibly wrong. Who didn’t feel a connection with this lady for her honesty and bravery? Listen in to find out how Lisa turned her business (and life!) around by owning her errors and being consistent, and just see if there’s not something in here that you can use for your own.

Lisa Gilmore, one of the Southeast’s leading luxury residential designers, is known for the customized one-of-a-kind interiors she creates for large scale homes and condos in Tampa Bay and throughout North America.

She has over a decade of experience providing luxury environments for CEO’s, attorneys, business owners, entrepreneurs, tech company executives, and other prominent clients. Her work and her unique “liveable glamour” style have been featured in online and print publications worldwide.

Lisa’s full range of design services includes everything from project management and consulting on architectural and floor plans, to specifying finishes and creating detailed hand renderings of her work.

Lisa establishes close personal relationships with her clients. Those clients use phrases like “remarkably talented”, “fantastic to work with”, and “organized, good natured and easy to communicate with” to characterize Lisa and her team, and “functional and beautiful” and “out of the box thinking” to describe her work. She is often praised for pulling people out of their comfort zone with interior design and giving her clients what they never knew could exist.

Lisa Gilmore Design is backed by a team of some of the region’s leading contractors, craftsmen, and artisans as well as an international network of vendors and suppliers. 

Her clients benefit from the luxury design expertise, problem solving insights, product knowledge, and other skills she gained during her highly successful earlier career working for leading interior design firms in central Florida and Chicago. Her design work is influenced by her travels throughout North America, Europe, and Africa.

Lisa holds a degree in interior design and is a member of the International Interior Design Association. She keeps current on design trends by attending conferences, trade shows, and other industry events. 

Show Highlights:

  • LuAnn shares the email that she received from Lisa.
  • Lisa relates something that LuAnn mentioned previously that gave her an epiphany as to the root of her problem.
  • Fear held Lisa back, but she found processes and systems that turned things around. This helped her gain confidence!
  • “Finance Friday”
  • How LuAnn’s book helped Lisa get her business back on track.
  • Lisa shares how being turned in to the state by another designer turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
  • Lisa explains the business decisions and billing changes that she put into place.
  • You have to be more versatile to survive through the hard times.
  • How getting your finances figured out can actually bring joy!
  • Here’s what Lisa is looking forward to.

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What Level is Your Design Business?