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Arianne Bellizaire: “A Reluctant and Accidental Leader in #BLM”

Episode 568 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Today’s guest is LuAnn’s friend, Arianne Bellizaire. In this #blacklivesmatter episode, Arianne shares her experiences with us as a black woman and designer. Don’t be surprised when you have some self-discovery moments as Arianne takes LuAnn on a dive into the policies and systems that have been built in this country that allow us to see things differently. In addition, Arianne catches us up on what she’s been working on since she was last a guest on the show, and you don’t want to miss the details of her new video course! Please join this conversation, for you are sure to learn something new.


Award-winning, Baton Rouge-based interior designer and content creator Arianne Bellizaire is a certified True Colour Expert who inspires her design clients and readers with her warmth, positivity, and creative problem-solving talents. Among Arianne’s many awards and achievements in her design career, she has been named a High Point Market Authority Style Spotter (2015), Perlick Ambassador of Cool (2017), Villeroy & Boch Color Challenge Winner (2017), Modenus Blog Tour invitee (2016 & 2019), and Modenus DesignHound (Spain and London 2016, Surfaces 2018). Her blog Inspired To Style is a two-time nominee for the Amara Interior Blog Awards (2016, 2017) and is currently listed as one of the Modenus Top 100 Influential Blogs. Her work and expertise have been featured in Rue Daily, House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping, Business of Home, and USA Today.

Show Highlights:

  • Arianne shares how she decided to have more conversations about race with her white friends through reading How To Be An Antiracist and talking about it in the Facebook group that she created for it, Courageous Conversations: Unpacking Racism.
  • This Facebook group grew rapidly and within two weeks of its inception, a curriculum and format was created.
  • “Part of the challenge is everybody’s perspective causes them to see the world differently.” – Arianne
  • The book allows the group to see history and policies as they are layered over race.
  • Do you remember the debate about the dress that people were adamant was either black and blue or white and gold? Does Arianne have an analogy for you!
  • Arianne provides examples of how we all subliminally have a hierarchy in our minds regarding race, and what is “good” versus what is “bad”.
  • We must look at every policy and ask ourselves if that policy is “anti-racist”.
  • “Anti-racist” is anything that provides equity for all races. It does not make one race superior to another.
  • When you hear someone point out inequities or discrepancies, please do not feel offended. Rather, listen to the fact that that person loves this country enough to try to make it better.
  • Arianne discusses her video course, Video Like A Pro. It’s about how to do video: how to make video a story, how to write a script, how to plan for your shoots, what equipment you need, and much more!

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