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Power Talk Friday: Ashley Uhl: Talk to Clients Like a Leader Not a Boss

Episode 566 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business, it’s Power Talk Friday! Ashley Uhl joins LuAnn on today’s show to talk about how to talk to your clients like a leader, not like a boss.

Ashley Uhl is the only client experience consultant exclusively focused on working with interior designers and decorators.  

Ashley’s knowledge and expertise in client experience comes from her degree in Psychology, years of working with high net worth individuals at wealth management firm Morgan Stanley, formal training and work in human relations, sales, and presentations at top professional development company, Dale Carnegie, and from years of gleaning knowledge from five star establishments she visited during her international travel. Her knowledge of interior design, and the processes around it, came from her short stint as a designer, which then became a pivot to teaching designers about the client experience. 

Ashley now shows designers how to confidently lead clients through the design process by teaching them a repeatable, systematic approach to delivering an exceptional client experience.  One that results in higher fees, increased efficiency, and clients absolutely adoring you. 

Ashley’s blog on the exceptional client experience is read by design professionals all over the world and has been a featured guest on podcasts such as Wingnut Social, Kimberly Seldon’s Business of Design, Kate the Socialite’s The Kate Show, and Michelle Williams’ Profit is a Choice. You can learn more about Ashley and how she works with designers at Ashley Uhl Consulting.

Show Highlights:

  • You don’t want your clients to run over you, so you want to communicate with them in a very specific, client-friendly way.
  • Especially in initial conversations with people, keep the focus on what you’re willing to do, not on what you’re NOT willing to do. Talk in the positive.
  • Ashley shares how to redirect clients in constructive ways.
  • There’s a gentle way to flip deadlines around holidays and parties.
  • “You aren’t a butler; you choose to be a servant-leader. You’re setting the tone every step of the way. You’re a leader who’s actively thinking through problems that your client is going to come up against. “ – Ashley
  • It’s Ok to tell your client you need some time to think on a request, but let them know when you will get back with them. Take this time to experience your fear, then come up with a solution to take to your client. This puts you back in the leadership position.
  • Explaining situations with respect to your clients is the doctor’s equivalent of having a great “bedside manner”.
  • Ashley has pre-recorded video courses that can be taken at any time that teaches you how you can consistently provide an exceptional client experience from beginning to end. She also provides ideas on client pampering!

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