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Window Treatment Friday: Look to Your Window Treatment Partner to Sell Remotely

Episode 539 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! LuAnn’s co-host of WTF, Vita (Vitalia) Vygovska, joins her today to chat about some of the things that interior designers can be thinking about in relation to window treatments during this time of quarantine.

Whether you’re settling nicely into virtual consultations or you can’t wait for the brick-and-mortars to open back up, you’ll want to listen in to this conversation to learn how important window treatments are to your business!

Vitalia Vygovska (Vita for short), CWFP, MBA, is an award-winning window treatment specialist, author, speaker, mom, wife, and a ballroom dance enthusiast. 

Her company, Vitalia, Inc, provides all-encompassing concierge-level, tech-driven fabrication, measurement, installation, and project management services exclusively for interior designers. 

Show Highlights:

  • Vita gives shout-outs to the #maskAmerica initiative and to local designer, Michele Plachter, who gave a wonderful gift to her industry partners.
  • Remember that your window treatment specialist is your partner in this. LuAnn covers the different reasons why window treatments are important ANY time.
  • Window treatments are:
  • money-makers!
  • an essential part of an interior design project!
  • beautiful!
  • Vita suggests that it’s time to lean into your workrooms and window treatment specialists and she shares the ways that a specialist can support an interior designer:
  • They can provide product knowledge.
  • They can do renderings on your pictures.
  • They can give you a ballpark budget.
  • Window treatment specialists: Consider offering up your services and asking your designers how you can be of value to them.
  • Here are some great ways thats you can still incorporate window treatments into your 2020 projects:
  • virtual consultations
  • when presenting mood boards, remember the windows
  • clients can take their own rough measurements
  • #WTF Live!! Vita and Kim will be discussing drapery pleats!! Friday, May 8th at 12 PM, EST on LuAnn’s Window Works – Facebook.
  • If you are not happy with your resources, now is the time to expand your reach and look for additional or alternative resources, in window treatments, or otherwise.
  • This podcast and past episodes are excellent sources of information and resources.
  • Vita has some encouraging words from the heart regarding our low points.


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