What Level is Your Design Business?

What Would Lu Do? LuAnn Answers Listener Questions

Episode 535 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business, it’s time for another episode of “What Would Lu Do?” where you ask the questions and LuAnn helps out with the answers.

Today’s questions come from listener Samantha, who would like some suggestions on how to find income when your projects have been put on hold during this COVID-19 event, the top ten recommended processes and systems to be putting in place, and the best practices for social media presence when you have no active projects.

Listen in as LuAnn digs into the details, susses out the situation, and lays out her reasoning on the resolutions.

If you are not working with a coach or perhaps you don’t have a business mentor or business bestie to provide guidance, this is the perfect opportunity to email LuAnn the burning issues that you need insight on and she’ll answer them on air. Please send your questions to LuAnn Nigara: WWLD!

Show Highlights:

  • LuAnn shares listener Sam’s detailed email.
  • Sam’s professional focus is mostly on hospitality design (9) but also residential (1). All ten projects are on hold, and she’s looking for suggestions on how to pull in income.
  • LuAnn’s advice is to weather the storm for the time being and offers lots of great ideas that Sam can work on right now to successfully position herself for when things open up.
  • Sam would like to know the top ten processes and systems that she needs to put in place.
  • LuAnn offers 3 prerequisites and promises the other 7 when the first 3 are firmly in place.
  • The first 3 are: bookkeeping, reviewing or creating a solid contract, and designing a thorough work flow.
  • What level of social media presence is appropriate during Sam’s work lull?
  • Recycle old pics with a new spin or a new caption, but avoid stating that it’s from an old project or that you’re not currently working on a project.
  • Definitely post on SM to drum up business while not busy.


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What Level is Your Design Business?