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Collective Interiors: An Innovative Collaboration Breaks New Ground

Episode 534 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Are you in for a treat today! LuAnn welcomes

Stephanie Castillo, the principal of Rumble Interiors, back to the show. Stephanie was a guest on Episode #391, as well, and is joined by Renee Fyall of D. Marie Interiors and Sam Mikel of Nest Design Studio. These ladies are all interior designers, doing business in the city of Ellensburg, Washington. Ellensburg is a rather small city of just 20,000 people and sort of between Portland and Seattle. Wait until you learn what these 3 #smartladies have created!

Listen in to hear how these three interior designers chose to be open-minded, innovative entrepreneurs rather than wary competitors. Together, they form what’s known as Collective Interiors. You’re going to find their story fascinating!

Stephanie Castillo: Rumble Interiors

Communicator, observer, entrepreneur and creative…… Stephanie has been in a creative field her whole working career. Stephanie started Rumble Interiors as an extension of her success as a hair designer.

Design, balance and harmony are built into everything Rumble Interiors embodies. Stephanie’s ability to design a space comes naturally and her passion lives in her strength to envision a space for the people who live in it.

Rumble Interiors specializes in taking your home or room from uninspired to a unique, inviting warm space that speaks to the people who live in it. Whether it’s a Re-Style which is taking what you already have and Re-thinking, Re-imagining and Re-vamping your space; or a complete home decoration with results that reflect your world refined. Stephanie’s special talent comes in the form of helping people define their design style, the consultation technique is one of her favorite parts of the process.

Renee Fyall: D. Marie Interiors

When it comes to Interior Design Renee joins function with aesthetics seamlessly on projects both big and small. With over 10 years’ experience, much of her career has been focused on project management. With an eye for quality, superior sense of style, Renee assures the space functionality is forefront, including the project running smoothly and on budget while still creating a beautiful and inviting space.

Kitchen design and kitchen remodeling have become a large part of Renee’s focus and priority throughout her time as a Designer. She possesses an innate desire to create and design Interiors that exceed clients’ expectations. As many of us spend a large amount of our time in the kitchen, it’s important to Renee? that she delivers? a return on the investment as the kitchen is the best place in the house to add value, both in design and function.

Sam Mikel: Nest Design Studio

Design is a bastion of individuality and creativity.  However, as with other creative endeavors, the gap between one’s inner vision and its ultimate expression can be vast.  The function of the professional designer is to help you bridge that chasm.  By asking questions and listening attentively, a good designer can help you explore your needs and wishes and define and create the possibilities in your heart and mind.  As a wise man once noted, “limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”  Sam’s goal as a designer is simply to help you make the best use of your imagination. Open communication throughout the design process helps develop trust and a comfortable, working relationship.  Building on your input, Sam’s job is to guide your consideration of such elements as your home’s existing features, the sources of light, and the function required of each space to best define and create your individual style. 

Working collaboratively with her clients, she strives to create warm and inspired rooms—unique spaces that tell your own personal story in a timeless way.  Managing every detail from conception to completion, Sam’s aim is always to create an ambiance that reflects your taste and unique lifestyle.

In every project she undertakes, she strives to be budget-conscious.  Also, whenever possible, she tries to incorporate eco-friendly green products and materials.

Show Highlights:

  • Stephanie shares how she met Renee and Sam, how the three of them worked over the idea of sharing a collective space, and their result.
  • “Glorified space sharing” is their business model: Collective Interiors is a building, and inside of this are their three businesses.
  • Stephanie and Renee share an office, and Sam has her own office. Sam is also the main leaseholder and she has retail space there. Collective Interiors is a interior design / decor / full-scale store.
  • Renee relates the reaction she had to Stephanie’s request for coffee and mentorship, and how she appreciates directness.
  • Sam describes her passion for her retail store and her love for people.
  • Ways they make their collaboration successful.
  • Mutual trust helps to make this business model work.
  • Re-evaluation, as they grow and learn, is necessary.
  • How their lives have been enriched since the inception of Collective Interiors.
  • Guidance for others that might be interested in the same kind of business model.


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