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Power Talk Friday: Nancy Lane: What I Learned from Process Leads to Profits Course

Episode 530 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to a Well-Designed Business, it’s Power Talk Friday! Nancy Lane, CEO of Nancy Lane Interiors in Houston, Texas, joins LuAnn today and you’ll be learning all about the Process Leads to Profits course that Nancy took last winter and the tangible benefits she has received from it.

You’ll also hear how Nancy utilized Mydoma Studio to define her services for her prospective clients and how she now invoices and receives payments for her services through Mydoma Studio.

Join LuAnn and Nancy in this engaging and informational conversation, and to learn more about signing up for the next Process Leads to Profits with Sara Lynn Brennan’s LIVE course, which starts NEXT WEEK!

Nancy Lane’s idea of home has been informed by all the places she’s lived, and perhaps most of all by the one she lost. As a child, her home burned to the ground, displacing her family in the process. Nancy and her family found themselves building their new home together and establishing the true meaning of that word at the same time. 

Her love for interior design grew through the years, both through her own personal projects and as she shared her passion by helping friends and neighbors with their design projects for more than a decade. In 2016, she opened her residential interior design consulting business, Nancy Lane Interiors and turned that passion into a livelihood. Nancy helps clients solve their design dilemmas and turn houses into homes in and around Houston, Texas, where she resides with her husband and three sons.


Show Highlights:

  • Nancy’s first career was as a chemist! She is a perpetual learner and was already running a successful business when she signed up for classes because she loves to learn new and better processes.
  • Clearly defined processes are everything. You can define your process to make it concrete and repeatable BUT just know it’s still really fluid. It will always be a work in process.
  • Nancy details the steps she’s implemented since completing the Process Leads to Profits course.
  • Automate, automate, automate! Automation is important in delivering consistent service.
  • Mindset is key. Most of the issues we have all start right between our ears!
  • In light of COVID-19, Nancy discusses the ways that she’s been taking advantage of being at home.
  • Is the Process Leads to Profits class right for you? If 6 weeks from now you would like to know you are well on your way and well-armed with the information and strategies to once and for all organize your “you” into a repeatable, duplicatable process (AKA, a “business”!), then YES! Sign up HERE!


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Power Talk Friday

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What Level is Your Design Business?