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What Would Lu Do: Listener Questions

Episode 529 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business, it’s time for an episode of “What Would Lu Do?” where you ask the questions and LuAnn helps out with the answers.

Today’s question comes from listener Jane, who would like to know how to handle a client who is refusing to pay a bill.

Listen in as LuAnn digs into the details, susses out the situation, and lays out her reasoning on the resolution.

If you have a burning issue that you need some insight on, please send your question to LuAnn Nigara!

Show Highlights:

  • LuAnn shares Jane’s detailed email.
  • The red-flag phrase in the listener’s email that got LuAnn’s attention: “Even when I could see the project going south.”
  • Why LuAnn thinks that the client somehow feels wronged.
  • LuAnn’s take-action steps:
  • The listener should think back to when she first felt things going south.
  • She needs to identify the event and ask herself these questions:
  1. What one thing could you have done at the time to have avoided the project going south?
  2. Can you fix the problem even though it is late?
  • Even if it costs you money, you have to fix it.
  • Get ready for the hard conversation. Call her, acknowledge the problem, give a genuine apology for the past offense and offer the solution you are going to take.
  • Once you’ve agreed on a solution, THEN you can ask for the payment, but there’s a particular way you need to frame the request!
  • The client needs that moment of contrition and the solution to get past the problem.


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