What Level is Your Design Business?

Gabriela Gargano: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Episode 521 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to this episode of A Well-Designed Business! Gabriela Gargano joins LuAnn in this episode to caution us as entrepreneurs about being careful not to apply reasons and rationale to decisions that we are facing because we are reluctant to take the risk.

Gaby also shares some very specific strategies that she is employing as the CEO of her design firm in light of the Corona Virus, which you will likely find very smart and useful! You are going to love these ideas!

After graduating from college with degrees in Art History, Hispanic Studies, and Business Economics, Gaby spent more than a decade at Goldman Sachs, as a sales trader and relationship manager. She simultaneously grew her passion for interior design through real estate investing, renovation, and staging of her properties in Manhattan.

In 2016, she decided to leave finance and establish Grisoro Designs, a full-service interior design firm located in New York City. Gaby’s style blends clean lines with rich textures and eclectic pieces, referencing art, and vintage design. The team’s process is anchored in a deep understanding of each client’s design goals, functional needs, and lifestyle.

By implementing a transparent process, clear communication, and active project and budget management, they can provide a seamless experience, resulting in a beautiful and functional space that truly feels like home. 

Grisoro Designs has been featured in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Domino, and several other publications. Services offered include interior design, full-scale renovations, project management, budget management, art curation, and real estate advisory. 


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Show Highlights:

  • Gaby was at Goldman Sachs during the 2008 recession.
  • Decide what you want your business to look like.
  • The indicators that Gaby used to evaluate when it was time to grow:
  • Assessing her past, current, and projected pipeline. She made sure that she was attracting the type of clients that will take her into the future.
  • She recognized that she was so fatigued that she was jeopardizing her ability to deliver her creative best to her clients.
  • She realized that she and the employees she had on board were consistently being pushed to their limits, and this was leaving a lot of room for errors.
  • Working from home is fine, but getting space brings an elevated sense in having your own studio. You’re able to have your full-time employees there, bring on an intern, and have your vendors and clients meet you there.
  • Remember that this Covid-19 crisis isn’t forever.
  • Take this time to learn to work better remotely.
  • Find more ways to be collaborative and keep the lines of communication open.
  • As entrepreneurs, we have to figure out a way to work through this.
  • Focus on business planning in greater detail, such as business expenses, hurdles, goals, targets, etc.
  • Most importantly, do not delay in responding and looking at what changes you need to make in order to protect your cash flow.
  • Make rational, unemotional decisions when you are calm. Make decisions based on thoughtful evaluation with your CFO or whoever helps you with your finances in your business.
  • Commit to taking the actions that you make a decision on.
  • This planning and effort will help to provide you with a peace of mind, which is very important subconsciously for your team. When you’re calm and positive, your team will feel that.
  • Don’t overreact. But don’t NOT act!

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