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Claire Staszak: Creating Quality Content for Social Media

Episode 498 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome! Today, we have Claire Staszak back on the show with us. Claire, who was previously in episode #166, is the principal of the Chicago-based firm, Centered by Design. Claire is a kind and genuine lady, and LuAnn has always had a very soft spot for her. In today’s episode, she explains how to create excellent, top-quality content for social media. She and LuAnn also talk about how they met at the Design Influencer’s Conference in 2017, and they discuss how Claire’s blog, Centered by Design, was honored with an award for Best Design Writing. Be sure to listen in, to hear what Claire has to share about creating quality content for social media.

Centered By Design, is known for its holistic design process, which combines Claire’s passion for wellness with her well-trained eye for interiors.

Claire studied interior design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and she holds a Certificate of Kitchen and Bath Design from Harper College.  

She is also a certified yoga instructor with more than 500 hours of training.

Claire’s work has been featured by The Chicago Tribune, Modern Luxury, HGTV, Domino, Architectural Digest online and more. Tune in now, to find out more.

Show Highlights:

  • Claire will be speaking at The Powerhouse Smart Luxury Conference that LuAnn will be headlining, in February, in Chicago.
  • Why The Powerhouse Smart Luxury Conference is unique and well worth attending.
  • Claire talks about winning the Best Design Writing Award at the Design Influencer’s Conference, in 2017.
  • The Design Influencer’s Conference was a turning point for Claire. It boosted her and gave her a lot of confidence.
  • Claire has a degree in journalism so writing comes very naturally to her.
  • Helping as many people as possible, as effectively as possible.
  • Claire came to the Design Influencer’s Conference, in 2017, asking whether or not she should continue writing her blog.
  • Claire shares her biggest takeaway from her experience of winning the Best Design Writing Award.
  • Claire has created a workbook, called Authentically You, for interior designers and creatives looking to create content for their websites and social media.
  • Claire has a social media following of 18 000 people, and she gets more than a million views a month on Pinterest. She shares some tips and strategies.
  • Creating opportunities for brand ambassadorship.
  • Claire’s best apps for pre-planning and creating content.
  • Growing your #following on Instagram.
  • You attract the right kind of clients when you’re authentic on social media.
  • Claire has an awesome giveaway for you today!


Claire’s online shop pages:

Centered By Design

Centered By Design

Claire’s Instagram and Pinterest:

Instagram: Claire Staszak

Pinterest: Claire Staszak

Claire’s blog

Claire’s giveaway – Social Media Prompts for Seasonal & Evergreen Content Goodies

Process Leads To Profits

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What Would Lu Do

LuAnn and Claire will be speaking at the Power House Smart Luxury Conference this February 5, 2020

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What Level is Your Design Business?