What Level is Your Design Business?

Mimi Goldsmith: Take Action and Create Success

Episode 494 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome! We have Mimi Goldsmith, a loyal podcast listener, and the principal owner of her referral-based business, Style by Mimi G, with us on the show today. Mimi’s bio is a perfect example of the lessons that Fred Berns, and Nicole Heymer, of Curio Electro, have been teaching us. Although Mimi has only been in business for a few short years, she has created a bio that draws the reader’s attention to the uniqueness of her work. In today’s episode, she talks to us about her business, how she started it, and all the shows that influenced her and helped her get her business off the ground. Be sure to listen in today, to hear what Mimi has to share about her journey!

Mimi Goldsmith, an interior decorator, and stylist is the principal owner of Style by Mimi G, which she opened in 2016. Mimi provides full-service interior decorating, e-design service, interior consultations, space planning, paint color consulting and home styling packages. She specializes in creating one-of-a-kind residential and commercial interiors for her local full-service clients. She also specializes in creating tranquil therapy offices for therapists across the world through her online services. Tune in now, to find out how Mimi got her business up and running!

Show Highlights:

  • Mimi describes her spontaneous decision to start her interior design business.
  • The kind of research Mimi did when she started her business.
  • Mimi didn’t know how much to charge when she started.
  • The magic of attending a LuAnn Live event.
  • Mimi explains how she found this podcast.
  • The groups that can be found via the podcast.
  • How Mimi has been growing her business.
  • Where Mimi found the necessary information to grow her business.
  • Some lessons that Mimi learned from getting her clients’ feedback.
  • To work after business hours, or not?
  • Mimi takes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons off.
  • Some very valuable lessons that Mimi has learned.
  • Making use of My Doma’s services.
  • It’s a great idea to create various design packages.
  • Learning about vendor relationships.
  • Buying from local vendors and learning from their expertise.
  • It’s essential to run your business with integrity.
  • When you charge more, you can deliver more, and you create loyalty.


Mimi Goldsmith’s website: Style by Mimi G

Instagram: Style by Mimi G

Facebook: Style by Mimi G

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What Level is Your Design Business?