What Level is Your Design Business?

Power Talk Friday with Fred Berns

Episode 48 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome back to Power talk Friday! I am pleased to have Fred Berns back with us! If you remember he was on the show a couple of months ago and he discussed how to create a killer bio. I am aware that you all love his show so much that Fred and I have been talking about him coming back on the show. So he is here today! If you have not heard his episode you should go back and listen to it! It has a lot of terrific information in it. If you did miss his show Fred is a coach who trains professional designers worldwide on how to promote themselves and how to more effectively and dramatically increase their sales. I have to say what he says he is going to do he is going to do. Today he is going to tell us the keys to a killer website.

Show Notes:

  • What are interior designers doing wrong on their websites?
  • What elements should be on the homepage?
  • “Four seconds and two clicks”
  • Why do you need more than images?
  • How can you make it easier to navigate your website?
  • What should you avoid?
  • Why should you “think links”?

You can read the full show notes and access all the resources at http://www.windowworks-nj.com

What Level is Your Design Business?