What Level is Your Design Business?

Design Biz Live: What We Learned at LuAnn Nigara Live, It’s About the Conversation

Episode 449 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome another episode of Power Talk Friday and Design Biz Live, with Judith Neary and Corey Klassen. It’s been several months since the last episode of the Design Biz Live series and today’s show is really going to be fun, especially if you were one of the 200 people attending LuAnn Nigara Live, It’s About The Conversation, last March, where Corey and Judith were both guest designer panelists. Tune in to today’s episode of Design Biz Live, to find out why everyone really needs a Vin man!

Judith and Corey are usually the ones to come up with the topics for the Design Biz Live episodes, and their topics are mostly about the things they’re facing in their businesses or the things that their colleagues are struggling with, in theirs. For today’s episode, however, they have decided to talk about the things that they learned from LuAnn Live. Corey and Judith both have tons of experience in the design industry, so listen in today, to hear what they learned.

Show Highlights:

  • Corey really enjoyed connecting with other like-minded individuals and sharing stories and experiences with them.
  • Judith, as a tenured professional in the industry, really loved the amount of information that was available at LuAnn Nigara Live, It’s About The Conversation.
  • Everyone needs a Vin man!
  • Corey talks about a moment of clarity that he experienced.
  • LuAnn explains where the magic happens.
  • Judith lists five of her take-aways.
  • Corey uses spreadsheets to track everything, so he really loved Michele William’s Profit First method.
  • What Judith loved so much about Fred Berns.
  • Your existing client base is the fastest, shortest way to putting money in your pocket.
  • The incredible value of referrals.
  • The power of adversity.
  • Judith gives a shout-out to MyDoma Studios.
  • The benefits of using MyDoma Studio’s packages.
  • Corey explains what horizontal revenue is.
  • LuAnn shares what she learned at LuAnn Nigara Live.

LuAnn Live 2 will be coming out in 2020.

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What Level is Your Design Business?