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Window Treatment Friday: A New Series featuring Vita Vygovska and LuAnn Nigara

Episode 448 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to the first episode of Window Treatment Friday! For some time now, designers have been reaching out to LuAnn and asking her to share some of her window treatment expertise, because the window treatment business is a pretty complicated area of business for many designers. So about once a month, LuAnn and Vita Vygovska will be producing an episode of Window Treatment Friday, where they will explain how designers can increase their bottom line by incorporating custom window treatments into their projects. In each episode, they will break down and unravel the intricacies of an aspect of the window treatment business, as it relates to interior designers. They will be giving you content-driven education which is unbiased, truthful, and open, to educate baby designers and inspire the more seasoned and experienced designers to have more confidence, talk to their clients with more authority, and, ultimately, make more profit. Tune in now, to find out more.

Vitalia (Vita for short) Vygovska is the award-winning window treatment specialist.  Her company, Vitalia, Inc, is an all-encompassing fabrication, measurement, installation, and project management service exclusively for interior designers.  In business for over a decade, Vita and her team are experts in their narrow field, providing designers with superb quality product and excellent communication.  Most importantly, they take off the stress, save time, and give peace of mind in the job is well-done. Listen in today, to hear what LuAnn and Vita have to share about the value of incorporating custom window treatments into your design projects.

Show Highlights:

  • There are some valuable resources out there for window treatments. There’s the WCAA (Window Coverings Association of America), Exciting Windows, ASID, the IWCE Expo, and Window Fashion Vision Magazine.
  • The goal of Window Treatment Friday is to provide designers with just enough of the right kind of information to help them feel more confident in the world of window treatments.
  • LuAnn explains which designers this show is talking to.
  • Window treatments make up a large portion of interior design projects.
  • Mistakes are part of learning, but they are costly when it comes to window treatments.
  • LuAnn and Vita are here to share their lessons learned, and the mistakes they have made.
  • There are pros and cons to adding window treatments to your ladder of services, as an interior designer.
  • Window treatments make a huge difference to any interior design project. They are like jewelry for the room.
  • There’s profit to be made from including window treatments in a design project.
  • Your number one way to make a profit is to sell more things to the same people.
  • Some of the more nuanced points about the value of offering your clients window treatments.
  • In the episodes coming up, LuAnn and Vita will be talking about everything, from custom versus ready-made, to specifying the differences between ready-made rods and custom-made rods, and why and when it matters.
  • Please share with us any questions that you may have about window treatments or the challenges that you face with window treatments, in the comments on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Vita has already come up with 25 different window treatment topics to cover in this show.


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