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Power Talk Friday: Jeff Tippett: The Power of Persuasion in Business

Episode 383 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! We are really delighted have Jeff Tippett, aka Mr. Persuasion, with us today. Jeff is a subject matter expert in persuasive communications. And on the show today he will explain some of the principals that lie right at the heart of persuasion. This is really an important and valuable skill to learn for any business. And there’s so much you can accomplish after acquiring this skillset! So grab the opportunity now, and listen in to hear Jeff’s message.

Jeff helps people increase their effectiveness, gives them powerful tools for attaining goals and dreams, and helps them positively impact their organization—all as they learn techniques for communicating persuasively with others.

When results mattered most, renowned brands like Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association, The League of Women Voters, The League of Conservation have trusted Jeff to develop and implement communications plans to persuade elected officials, the media, and the general public. And as an expert on persuasive communications, Jeff continues to deliver results for influential clients.

Other industry experts have validated Jeff’s work through numerous awards including the prestigious The American Advertising Awards.

Jeff has impacted thousands of lives through over 500 presentations including keynotes and seminars. Others feature Jeff’s expertise in persuasive communications through articles, podcasts, and blogs.

Jeff’s highly anticipated second book, Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communications is the Only Force You Will Ever Need is scheduled for completion in January 2019. Listen in to find out what Jeff has to share with you on the show today.

Show highlights:

  • Jeff shares the story of how he adopted his baby daughter in Haiti.
  • The really valuable lesson Jeff learned from his experience in Haiti.
  • Changing your mindset from one of manipulation to one of persuasion.
  • The two words that indicate that you’ve successfully persuaded somebody.
  • Showing someone a new vision of how things could be.
  • Getting what you want by helping others to get what they want.
  • Three ways to get to know what someone really wants.
  • Some tools to use when making a real connection with a potential client, and getting them to like you.
  • People will remember how you made them feel, so make them feel heard and understood, and valuable.
  • Placing yourself firmly in the shoes of a potential client.
  • Putting a lot of thought into what you say and the language you use.
  • Jeff shares 3 strategies to create better online influence.
  • Helping people to trust you.
  • Figuring out your only-ness, to really stand out and set yourself apart.
  • Staying consistent with who you are and what you do.
  • Three tips to help you to position your message so that people will say “yes”.

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Text the word PERSUADE to 66866, to be informed when Jeff’s new book, Why Persuasive Communications is the Only Force You Will Ever Need, becomes available. You will also get a free chapter of the book right away.

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