What Level is Your Design Business?

Mary Fisher – Author, Artist, Advocate, Social Entrepreneur

Episode 34 of A Well-Designed Business®



On today’s show, we have Mary Fisher who is a passionate designer of many trades. She is a textile designer, the author of 6 books, a jewelry designer, artist and photographer! Mary had some terrible news in 1992 that she had been diagnosed with HIV. Since then her passion to help others has skyrocketed. Her collection “100 Good Deeds” is a perfect of example that she does just that: Helps others.

Show Notes:

  • How did Mary get involved with Kravet Inc.
  • What is “100 Good Deeds” jewelry and what does it stand for
  • What resources does she use for “100 Good Deeds”?
  • Who makes the art for “100 Good Deeds”?
  • Don’t let other people define your designs 
  • What kind of people are good to have in business?
  • What advice did Mary’s mentor give her?


Kravet Inc. – kravet.com

Mary Fisher CARE Fund:

https://www.uab.edu/medicine/cfar/mary-fisher     You Tube 1992 Republican Convention Speech:


  Macys.com to see and purchase 100 Good Deeds Bracelets designed by Mary Fisher http://www1.macys.com/shop/for-the-home/fair-trade/Brand/100%20Good%20Deeds?id=58181  

What Level is Your Design Business?