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Claire Jefford: Create Valuable Content to Sell Through Your Website

Episode 325 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to another Power Talk Friday! We have Claire Jefford back on the show with us today (she was previously on #237) and we will be talking to her about how to create products, courses, and the kinds of things that designers can sell to consumers on their websites. She will explain what this looks like, how to do it, why you should be doing it, and also, some steps that you can follow in the process. LuAnn really enjoys talking to Claire and she loves having her on the show because it means that it’s going to be a seriously good one, so listen in today to find out what Claire has to share with you.

Claire started her interior decorating business in 2011 and her firm specializes in 3D design as well as custom residential projects. Claire has a very keen eye for detail and she particularly loves to mix patterns and fabrics. Her company was named one of the top thirty interior design firms in Ontario in 2017 and she is very proud to be the highest reviewed design professional in the greater Toronto area on Howzz, with more than ninety reviews! Claire, not one to shy away from social media, has been creating videos on Facebook since 2013 and she started her own Youtube channel in January 2016. She also has a second business, where she coaches and helps other designers to run their interior design businesses. With her no-nonsense approach, she shares marketing ideas, proven processes and social media strategies, to help others in the field to build confidence in the way that they work. Claire also runs a free Facebook group called Interior Design Business Strategies, which is an amazing community focusing on the business of design. Listen in now to find out more. 

Show highlights:

  • Claire explains the difference between a product that you create and an affiliate link.
  • The right time to do affiliate links on your website.
  • Getting to know your audience.
  • Some steps to creating the kind of product that consumers can buy from your website.
  • Finding and recognizing opportunities to create your products.
  • Looking at your customers’ pain points in order to create a valuable product.
  • Layering some affiliate links into your website.
  • The importance of building trust with your audience through your website.
  • Saving both time and money are always really important.
  • The benefits of having a Facebook group.
  • How to do a really effective pre-sale for your product.
  • The walk-through video that Claire created.
  • Being really clear about what you’re offering on your website.
  • Knowing when you should throw in the towel.
  • Sometimes you’re going to need to invest in what you’re creating.
  • The time and effort that it took for Claire to create her ‘Rock The Consult’ course.
  • Categorising your blog posts.
  • The beauty of creating products that will retain their relevance over time.
  • Why you really need to charge for all the time you’re using.
  • Remember to get testimonials from your customers!

Claire was also in episode #237: Claire Jefford – How to Get More Clients with Video Content

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What Level is Your Design Business?