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Jill Zarin: Designing a Line of Area Rugs

Episode 318 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to today’s show! We are delighted to introduce you to our guest for the show, Jill Zarin. Jill is a  veteran of the TV show Real Housewives of New York, and wife of the late Bobby Zarin, owner of Zarin Fabrics in New York. We will be talking to Jill today about Zarin Fabrics, about the rug line that she has recently launched with Unique Loom, and about her luxury ladies lunch that she hosts every year in the Hamptons for charity. Jill has also promised to give us a tour of her apartment in New York City, which boasts some pieces from DXV for the faucets, and all her rugs are there, too! Listen in to find out more!

Last fall, Unique Loom, one of the most plentiful sources of handmade and power loomed rugs in the world, teamed up with Jill to create their very first rug collaboration. It’s a vibrant collection, offering bold, colorful options with an airy and modern feel. This collection delivers quality design at an attainable price, which is a priority shared by both Jill and Unique Loom. The collection was inspired in part by Jill’s personal style, as well as the various motifs found in the history of Manhattan’s urban design. Listen today to find out more about this awesome collaboration.

We’re sure that every single person who knows Jill is thinking about her and everything that she went through recently, with the loss of her beloved husband, Bobby.

Show highlights:

  • The tedious way that advertising used to be done in the past.
  • A little about the way that Zarin Fabrics used to be run in the past.
  • Surprisingly enough, Zarin Fabrics is actually a fabric warehouse!
  • Zarin Fabrics is the only drapery and upholstery supply company in the city of New York.
  • Jill’s experience with Macy’s Training Program.
  • Some of the projects and products lines that Jill developed prior to her collaboration with Unique Loom.
  • Respecting the expertise of those who are in the know- unless your gut tells you otherwise!
  • Jill’s past jewelry lines and some mistakes she made with them.
  • The wonderful partners that Jill has for her current line of rugs.
  • The fantastic fabrics that Jill’s rugs are made of.
  • Jill discusses her fabulously affordable rug lines.
  • How Jill has learned to go with the designs that she likes.
  • All about Jill’s luxury charity lunch this year, at Topping Rose House Hotel in the Hamptons.
  • The valuable swag bags that Jill gives away at her charity lunches.
  • The celebrities that show up for Jill’s charity lunches.
  • The entrepreneurial aspect of Jill’s charity lunches.
  • Enjoy the tour of Jill’s apartment.
  • The phenomenal DXV design pieces in Jill’s apartment.


Jills website: Jill Zarin

eSale Rugs

Jill on Social Media:




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What Level is Your Design Business?