What Level is Your Design Business?

Hilary Hendershott, Personal Finance Expert

Episode 313 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to another Power Talk Friday! Financial planning may seem boring, however, the results of it certainly are not! Today we’re very happy to introduce you to Hilary Hendershott, a CFA (certified financial adviser) with a lot of street cred. Hilary, who has been nicknamed The Investor’s Voice of Reason, is the founder of Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management, a leading financial advisory firm for women and her mission is to motivate women and their loved ones to be financially empowered through wealth building. On the show today Hilary explains why you really don’t need to feel intimidated, as a woman, at the thought of consulting with a financial adviser, so listen in to find out what she has to share with you today about money mindset and the importance of proper financial management.

Hilary is also the host of Profit Boss Radio, a weekly podcast where she and her guests offer inspiration, advice, and support for women in their financial journey. She’s a TedX speaker, she’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, Fox, Daily Worth, Forbes, and Investopedia. Hilary was recognized in 2014 as a Top Forty Under Forty Entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. She’s had more than thirty television appearances and she is considered the go-to personal finance expert in the Silicon Valley for NBC. Listen in now to find out why it’s really critical for you to understand your finances.

Show highlights:

  • The right time to bring in a professional financial adviser.
  • The importance of saving money.
  • Why it really is well worth spending the money on getting some professional financial advice.
  • Why Hilary sees wealth building as the last female frontier.
  • Why you don’t actually have a business until you’re paying yourself a CEO’s salary.
  • About Hilary’s course Money Blueprint For Business Owners.
  • Being well compensated for the liability of running a business.
  • Some financial facts that everyone should know.
  • Not having to feel intimidated by your financial adviser.
  • Not throwing the baby out with the bathwater when dealing with a financial adviser.
  • The functions of a fiduciary.
  • Why Hilary avoids using ‘Wall Street speak’.
  • Hilary explains the way that she does her business.
  • Understanding the type of business that you’re in.
  • The difference between a lifestyle business and a sellable business.
  • Smart ways to save on taxes by forcing yourself to save.
  • Simple tweaks to help you to build a strong and profitable business.


Hilary’s website: http://www.hilaryhendershott.com

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What Level is Your Design Business?