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Pulp Design Studios : How To Attract a Licensing Deal

Episode 310 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to the show! We are really delighted today to have Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry back again! (Episode #176) These brilliant ladies run a truly amazing design firm, Pulp Design, both in Seattle and in Dallas and on the show today they have some really fun news to share with you! They are about to realize a dream that they’ve had since starting their business eleven years ago. They are super-excited to finally be launching a licensed fabric collection with S Harris! Listen in now to get the latest!

The work of Pulp Design has been recognized and published by  Architectural Digest, The Traditional Home and New York Times Magazine. Both Beth and Carolina have been recognized as rising stars in interior design by Fashion Group International and they have both won awards for their fabulous work. Listen in to find out what this dynamic duo has to share with you today.

Show highlights:

  • All about the launch of their licensed fabric collection.
  • As designers, Beth and Carolina have always wanted to have a product of their own.
  • How they were approached by the creative director of S Harris.
  • Why S Harris wanted to partner with Carolina and Beth.
  • Creating a quality brand.
  • The way that these two dynamic ladies like to think strategically.
  • What their fabric line is like.
  • Where the inspiration for the fabric designs came from.
  • The whole process of creating the patterns.
  • The inadvertent creation of the design for their fabric collections.
  • The awesome experience of being accepted to collaborate with S Harris.
  • Looking for the right kind of company to align with, as a small firm.
  • Red flags to look out for when offered an opportunity to collaborate.
  • Beth and Carolina’s cautious approach to growing their business.
  • The great support that they get from their team.
  • Successfully expressing their brand through all the employees in their company.
  • Taking the time to reflect on the values of your company- before working with anyone.
  • Carolina and Beth’s principal of quality completion.
  • Creating success by getting to really know yourself.
  • Get your invitation to their VIP preview event at High Point. (Details on their website pulpdesignstudios.com)


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What Level is Your Design Business?