What Level is Your Design Business?

Shannon Leddy Returns for Graduation Week- Best Tips for Landing Your 1st Job

Episode 29 of A Well-Designed Business®

This is Shannon Leddy’s second time on the show! We are so happy to have her back! She is going to share some tips on how students can be more effective before and after graduation.

Shannon shares with us:

  • Keep up with your portfolios- think about how you need to set it up
  • Have some flare with your outfit going to an interview
  • Research the firm you are going for an interview for
  • Go on as many interviews as you can 
  • Ask for feedback even if you didn’t get the job
  • The follow up- know what you want to get paid
  • Ask about benefits and overtime
  • Stay at a job for at least 6 months- give it a chance
  • Make and keep relationships on good terms
  • Keep up with education
  • Look to see what you have to do to be a certified interior designer

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What Level is Your Design Business?