What Level is Your Design Business?

Andrew Suvalsky – What Are You Waiting For?

Episode 28 of A Well-Designed Business®

Andrew Suvalsky has been in the interior design business for 11 and a half years! He worked for icon designer Benjamin Noriega Ortiz for a time and then established his own business: Andrew Suvalsky Designs. Andrew has a very interesting story about how he got started in his business and some great tips for running your own business that he learned along the way.

Andrew shares with us:

  • 10-year business mark was a turning point
  • Bought two apartments and renovated them
  • Worked from home for a time
  • Sometimes you just need a nudge
  • Listen to the “voice”!
  • You have to take risks!
  • In the new place the first three months were slow
  • It took a year or so for everything to come true
  • A business coach is a good idea
  • Have knowledge on the different jobs in your business
  • Be flexible

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What Level is Your Design Business?