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Power Talk Friday: Husband & Wife Teams- This Week is LuAnn & Vin Nigara

Episode 271 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to today’s episode of Power Talk Friday! LuAnn has a really special treat in store for you today – her husband, Vince will be joining her on the show! LuAnn has recently had a lot of people asking her to address the topic of husband and wife teams, working together.

She recently interviewed Syd and Shea McGee, of Studio McGee (#270) and there are also a few more interviews scheduled with husband and wife teams, which are to be aired in the near future. Vince has already appeared on the show once before, where he talked to LuAnn about the kind of advice that he would give to new entrepreneurs just starting out in their business. He discussed establishing a mission, core values and also systems. So if you’re interested in finding out more about any of that, please go back and listen to episode #78. Today, LuAnn and Vince will be talking about how they’ve managed to be in business together for so many years, and still, like (let alone love) each other! Listen in to find out more!

Vince is the brains behind the finances at Window Works, with a degree in Accounting and also an MBA in Business. He has been the fearless leader at Window Works for thirty-five years this December and he has achieved a very recognizable level of stature within their Window Treatment and Awning community. He has served on a number of Marketing and Operations Advisory Boards, for Window Works and for Dorosol (The Awning Company that they use most often) and he served for just less than two years as the Vice President of Franchise Sales, for Decorating Den. Listen in today, to find out more about how Vince and LuAnn have managed to work together, really successfully, for so long.

Show highlights:

  • Vince shares some of the core reasons that he thinks they have managed to work so happily and successfully with each other and with their third partner, Bill.
  • How the Universe has really gifted them with their different yet clearly defined roles within their business.
  • Recognizing their very different strengths and skills, which really blend well together, for the benefit of their business.
  • Not micromanaging each other or their staff really works well for Vince and LuAnn.
  • What makes a really great Salesperson.
  • Their ‘code’ of who gets the final say if there’s a disagreement about something in the business. (Unless it’s a money decision).
  • Letting go of your inner ‘control freak’ to find harmony in your business relationships.
  • The importance of moving on after a deal has been done and signed off, regardless of what may transpire later.
  • The importance of having a basis of respect in any relationship to avoid issues.
  • It’s so much easier to be in business with your spouse when you really do love and care for one another.
  • Observing the fine line of respect/familiarity.
  • Always keeping the bigger picture (the business) in mind when disagreements arise.
  • The benefits of using rationality rather than emotional manipulation.
  • Delineating responsibilities yet allowing people to grow by allowing them to work within their strengths and to run with what they do really well.
  • It really helps to curb disagreements if you can actually feel the pain of your partner.
  • Always keeping what’s best for the business uppermost in mind.


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