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Nina Magon: Building a Team For Your Design Firm

Episode 269 of A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to today’s show! We have Nina Magen, the Principal of Contour Interior Design, on the show with us today. Nina is a very savvy lady, who has a lot going on, on both the business and the Design side. The fact that she is driven is evident in the nine-year rise of her Design Firm and it also shows in the way that she runs her business. Today we talk to Nina about the significant impression it made on her and her business when she was on American Dream Builder TV show. We also talk to her about her staff: how she hires and what she looks for when hiring someone. So listen in to find out more.

Contour is an international, full-service Interior Design firm, with offices both in Houston and Miami. There is a long list of award-winning interiors in the Contour portfolio, which have received recognition from NBC, Bravo and HGTV Networks, as well as acknowledgment for Best Interior Architecture and Best Commercial Interior, by Paper City. ASID also awarded them Best Commercial Interior. The work of Contour has been featured in Rue, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Interiors Magazine and Lux Interiors and Designs, to name just a few. Listen in today, to find out more about Nina and her approach to running Contour Interior Design.

Show highlights:

  • Nina explains how she came to have such an international team.
  • What Nina does to encourage her team to learn from each other and to think outside of their comfort zone.
  • American design and architecture, as compared with the more modern, forward-thinking European design.
  • Nina discusses her approach and what she looks for when she’s ready to hire a team member.
  • The criteria for advancement, that Nina looks for in her team members.
  • What it takes to be a really successful Designer.
  • Nina discusses where her interest in being on a TV show came from.
  • How Nina managed to get onto American Dream Builders TV show in 2014.
  • Nina’s harrowing experience on American Dream Builders.
  • How Nina leveraged her life-changing experience on the TV show.
  • Nina’s constant growth, personally and business-wise, since being on the TV show.
  • The things that Nina is looking forward to doing, in the future.
  • How to get to be the Designer for celebrity homes.

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